It hurts like ...

. Wednesday, August 16

Don't know how to describe my feelings right now.

Things got really mixed-up right now for me. Feelings' issue. My past relationship eventually become something that I must avoid. Every day I tried to make things got worse (I found it amusing, to turn something into it's uneasy state). Since I don't want things to got better (pretty simple reason, huh).

It sucks to know that bad things were actually happened, back then. Just when I was thinking that things were great!

That problem was the past, and since I always try to tell myself not to regret the past. I don't think that that line above is a good sentence to be written down. But since it's actually a delayed-confession, so it's actually a feeling I have in the present (which means, I am allowed to write it down .. LOL). Still, I feel like I'm the foolish one .. and I don't like being in that state because of one was doing it on purpose.

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