Say Goodbye to User Name and Password Logins and Hello to 'OneID'

. Wednesday, March 21

Say Goodbye to User Name and Password Logins and Hello to 'OneID':

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How Delicious can a Blog be?

. Tuesday, June 7

Like everything else, when you put some passion in it. Someone might lay their eyes on you.
Same thing goes for blog. You can always have something that interest other people, and then give your blog a good credit for it.

If some opinion could do it, then a campaign probably likewise.

Recently, an event was held in Medan, entitled Blogilicious Horas Medan, this event aims for bloggers.

The need to grow number of bloggers available, insignificantly, and the effort to turn those numbers into quality-blogger is one hell of a job. It ain't easy, I think.

The attending bloggers were given blogging tips, and other seminar material that enlighten them regarding what you could turn your blog into. Necessarily speaking, it's about the money, dough, cash and other opportunity. Which one might never realize before.

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Simple Way to Boost Your Metabolism

. Wednesday, March 2

Your metabolism is the rate at which your body can burn calories to create heat and energy. Changing your metabolism is most effective over time as it is hard to gauge short term metabolic changes. Often people say to be me that I’m blessed to have a high metabolism. I have to say that while I’m certainly grateful to have a high motabolism, I don’t feel blessed with it as metabolism is not strictly a factor of genetics or your heredity.

Your metabolism is something that is shaped over time based on your lifestyle, your habits and activities you engage with in life. This means that your metabolism is largely a result of your choices and actions, regardless of how easy it is to put the blame elsewhere. There are certainly many ways to boost your metabolism, and here are two tips that works the best for me:

Eat Breakfast

You body automatically reacts to not having food when you wake and will go into a slow metabolic rate for its automatic response to starvation. This can only be eliminated by eating a decent breakfast every single day. Studies show eating a bigger breakfast and shifting your calorie intake earlier in the day helps to increase your metabolic burn rate, reduce weight gain and the risk of obesity (published in the American Journal of Epidemiology).

I have a quote that I always keep in mind:
Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and have your dinner like a beggar.

Morning Caffeine

A Cup of Coffee
I just happy with my coffee drinking habit, it is found in numerous studies (one published in the journal Physiology and Behavior) that coffee and other caffeinated drinks increase your metabolic rate and stimulate your breathing and heart rate. Its a quick action drug, highly addictive and can boost your metabolism by at about 10 percent.

So, despite some opinion about how coffee contains negative side effects (particularly vein constriction from the brain), I'm glad to found out that my habit is helping me big time.

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