. Friday, December 31

Got a deep grieve in this year closing.

Just found out that some people I know are still missing, some are starving inside the mountains in Aceh. Yes, I came from that side of Indonesia, if any of you want to know.

I am truly feel so uncomfortable with all this. I can't say " oh poor people ... what a tragedy " while I'm sitting my ass here, doing nothing. Don't talk about donation, I contributed none till now. So I guess I can't blame the government for being so lame, nor do I can blame the people that were so stupid enough to be caught by the tide. Those rotting corpses can't talk no more.

I heard some opinion that tells, this is the Allah answer for those prayers, the prayers that wish for death. Yes, some believe (or just spoke this way) that the suffering people of Aceh prayed for salvation from this world cuelness, some can't stand anymore for the separatism conflict that last for ages already, so they beg for a relieveness. Sounds like a mass suicide for me.
Don't they realize that God promised Noah that The One would never lay One's hand upon human race no more. Don't care how wicked "we" are or will be. So, think clear and don't make any explanation reasons, things happen as it is and that is enough for me.

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. Tuesday, December 28

This is me on duty ..  Posted by Hello

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A great spot for lunch

. Tuesday, December 21

Any body ever watch "Japan Hour", a 60-minutes show that expose all the way Japan is. I like it when it talks about that dine and lunch thing. When the reporter do some visit to non-fancy class restaurant, for example; an eatery in a fish market, or a sushi stand under a bridge.
It is a common thing that the site is a narrow spaced room, with cheap menu but extra-ordinary taste.

Today, I visited one if that kind of eatery, but this one isn't a sushi stang or anything like I said above. This is just a local traditional eatery that has a small corner in the airport hall, which prices is blown to the sky. Darn!

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I feel fun!

. Wednesday, December 15

Just found an enhanced trunk during the game in Gaia.
WHoa!! I was so surprised since the box was hopping over my screen.
But it took more than one day to see my inventory since Gaia got so many bugs in its system.
And guess what did I found .. a "Fox Ear" .. well it doesn't go well with my avatar but .. hey it came for free atleast.
I don't think I will use it, maybe I'll trade it with something that is grey and great.

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I'm doing this through my office ..

. Monday, December 13

Anybody ever thought of doing the "unappropriate" thing during your working hours?
Well, see me for an instance .. yes instance .. instance .. instance

Got pretty dull recently, since my supervisor had point me no task at all.

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Sorry being busy

. Friday, December 10

Got so many deadline over here, 31st Dec will be a day we never forget, since the Managers want our S/W that date : p

Another reason, I already have my own IBM ThinkPad 600E .. so I have extra things to do .. you know setup, enhance, install this - and - that ...

Lots of things I can't write right now.
Maybe tomorrow.

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