. Thursday, March 31

Buat kamu semua,

AKu laGi keSem-sem sama fuPei .. wahoo!

BaGusLah, setiDaknya aku punYa kesiBukan baRu, dariPada VB ?

Lumayan ketemu sama Topek, bisa ngocol bareng lagi deh.

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After a long holiday

. Tuesday, March 22

Ugh, I'm really spent up over here. The long holidays I had really took
all my strength (I even, caught myself a cold). Spent most of my time
practicing ping pong, went for swimming, browsing and visiting some
neighbor. Now, I'm totally exhausted. The 5hrs night sleep seems not
enough to restore me totally, still got my eyes swollen here.

I guess I'll be needing a comfortable place to go to. How about
'upgrading' some of my seating, first?

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Came back


Just arrived yesterday from Medan. I had great time for those three
days, doing things that I've missed before, like speeding with my li'l
Bro "Kawasaki Ninja"; wrestle with our new pet dog; teaching some skill
on the net to my li'l Sis; drop by on the new hang-out-place for my
campus mates; discuss things with my parents; and of course, meet my

I realized how I would be miss them so much by the time I was just
about to leave my home. It is hard to know that I would only be able to
meet them months from now.

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Day Off

. Wednesday, March 16

I managed to have a two-day off from my office. Wasn't a hard thing to
propose to my kind-hearted supervisor, not mention some tips that I've
got to set the amount of days into two (firstly, I was thinking one day
would be enough).

So, I'm heading to Medan on the coming Friday. Got so many people
already waiting for me there, but I haven't give anyone, beside my
sister, informed yet. Isn't it great?

So many things roaming in my head, plan about this and that, I hope I
don't catch myself too much confusion.

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A break after a hard work

. Thursday, March 10

Tomorrow will be a great holiday. Since I've been working hard on
myself for the last whole week, the holiday on Friday would be just
perfect. I'll be having a Friday-to-Sunday break time, and this time no
office (or any work) for the weekend (no way, I say).

How do you enjoy your days?

Do you live a routine life that completely repeating itself for you?

Can you have that?

I say, I'm coping with it!

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A Quiz

. Monday, March 7

I doubt anyone will get a full mark for this.

After finishing the quiz, check your score here.

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I'm just going to do it again.

. Saturday, March 5

I don't care if any of you are bored with this, but I'm going to say it
again anyway. I'm got really busy lately, got deadlines to catch,
meetings to attend, shit to throw out, people to bark at, or just to
work on my ass. I'm totally on a bad weekdays, but I guess that's just
what pushes me to my best limit.

Got to get back to work.

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Have you ever thought about your dream house?

. Wednesday, March 2

What's your dream house looks like? Don't tell me you've never thought
about that before, I think it's something that everyone ought to have.

I dream about a house on the beach. Neatly built on the sand, with firm
wooden walls and naturally made roof. The house is not big, but has a
sense of age, and I do expect to spend more of my daytime outside so
some outdoors furniture sure come in handy. I have many stuff to be
played on the beach, on the sea shore, and even among the coconuts
tree. I have that stretcher that each end neatly tied to a firm tree,
one rocking chair for me to enjoy the sea view from my veranda. One
great idea that ever crossed my mind is that I have a big barrel that I
can fill with water so I can  take a hot bath in it, with the fire
burning from the bottom side! That will be a great relieve after a hard
and exhausting day, for sure.

The house is a wooden because I feel it is warmer to have that rather
than cement or glasses. I have wooden walls, wooden floors, wooden
window pane, wooden bed. Oh, attic .. I always want a house with an
attic. So I'll have a great place to spent during my night of clear
sky, where I can watch the stars and see the moon. I enjoy the sea
breeze when I lay my back on the roof of my house, staring at the sky.

The kitchen is small, but enough for me to do my cooking standing on my
feet. I don't like the concept of doing my cooking seating, or
stretched on the floor. I have lots of mugs and also some small cups.
Fridge is a must, I need place for me to keep my beers cold. Hey,
incase some party crashed into my place, right?!

What pet do I have? A dog, or a cat, or a monkey? I don't know, I just
feel that I can get on well with mammals. I don't mind to go home for a
cat, or a dog, or a monkey. As long as I go home to something. Who
lives with me? Never thought about that, actually.

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