Yahoo Easter Egg

. Saturday, October 18

My early days of getting involved with the internet was filled with many hillarious things. One of it, was when Yahoo! screamed "" when you open the website. Well, it wouldn't be funny if the accident didn't take place in the middle of a class lol

Well, I never really realized till now. That "screaming" has gone, alright. No more "Yahooo..oo" will be heard when you open the page. Well, not automatically played, actually.

You see, the sound scheme is still there. But it seems that Yahoo! already turned it off from automatic mode. And the event that will trigger it, is by clickin on the "!" at the end of Yahoo! logo on top of the page. Here, let me show it to you;

It sure brings back the memories of my old days, how about you try it yourself.

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Label Cloud for Blogger

. Wednesday, October 1

As you can see on my footer, this blog has its own label cloud! For those that familiar with WordPress, maybe tag cloud will ring the bell for you.

It's a way to indicates label/tag frequent usage. The more I assign them to my posts, the bigger they are shown. I personally think that this is much better than the normal list (with the number of the frequency next to it). Don't you agree?

WordPress user may find it easy to accomplish, since there already a built-in widget management on the administration panel. But for blogger, the story is different. I don't know why the widget isn't available on the gadget list. Don't they see how people love it? Is it because we're still in Beta?

Whatever, now if you are interested in adding this cool feature on your blog. See the simple 3 steps I've found on phy3blog

At first, I couldn't make the clouds to be distributed accross the line. It was rather sorted, just like any ordinary list (<li>) would do. Then I check my CSS, just to found out that there was a handler for footer-list. Deleted it and there it goes.

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