Inspired ..

. Tuesday, April 26

Thanks to Sherilla I recall all those days where I was spoiling those kittens. Inspired by that memories, I did what she showed me. So here I am with my FireFox Red Cats Themes.

Just click the button if you want to see more of it ..

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Old friend


If any of you have tried The Sims (another Maxis' piece of art), and notice that Friendship indicator. I hate it  when in the real life, that friend-o-meter drops down. That sucks.

People come and people go, heard that from someone last night (also one of Eminem's lyrics). Well, I can't disagree about that in fact I believe most of you have that experience, too. Maybe this is about childhood friends of yours, or about some classmates, or even a best friend you ever had. I realize that even me myself come and go from places through places, but still those old time pals sure held a lot of me. Miss you all.

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Long weekend (again?)

. Monday, April 25

Yep, last week was closed with another long weekend, we've got holidays
started from Friday.

Don't regret a thing. Even that I didn't managed to get some new soil
for my dying plants, nor do I managed to pay a visit to the church.

So I just went with my visit to the swimming pool, not much to looked
at there. But I enjoy the trip since this time I was trusted to took
some of my neighbor's kids. There were seven of them, that number not
much of a problem for me. I feel like to watch kids as they
splish-splash in the pool. Some of them don't even know how to swim,
but that care-freeness is what so artistic from enjoying things.

Can you leave worries and hesitations  behind when you face a moment of

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What I did last weekend

. Monday, April 18

Finally I managed to set going to the swimming pool, as one of my
regular activity in the weekends. As usual I spent my time with Andrew,
giving him one-or-two tips on free style. Sure enjoy the refreshing, ha!

Since I was a child, my Mohter always teach me how to take care of
plants. Unfortunately I always in the feeling that I was obligated to
do so, and now I'm not really good at it (beside doing the watering or
cleaning the dried parts of the plants). So I determined myself that I
should start do some plants brooming in my place,Got a plant from Pak
Suwigi yesterday, glad that I start my course with an easy one.  I'm
starting with using water as the media since it is easier than the soil
method. I keep it in my room, thought about liven up the space for a
bit. If I managed to keep the plants alive for the next three days, I'm
going to move it to our front terrace since that's the only part of the
house that got soil on it.

Since this weekend is another long weekend that start from Friday, I'm
going to buy some soil pots for my other plants that are coming this
weekend. I also going to go for some black-soil (as they call it) from
I-still-don't-know where with Ibu Suwigi.

Have you ever watch Leon (in English version of movie, it is called The
Professional) ?

I think I'm greatly encouraged by this movie (about the plant brooming
instead of the killing!)

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Xiu Xiu

. Wednesday, April 13

I watched a movie last midnight, entitled "Xiu Xiu" or also known as
"Sent-down Girl". It was a Chinese movie, about one of China's great
movement in the 60's. The movement is about leveling and reducing the
social condition gap between cities and rural areas, by sending
scholars to remote areas. So Xiu Xiu was sent to a remote site and help someone for sometime taking care some horses (ah, was sleepy so all the details became blur)

I didn't watch it till finish, but I'm thinking about looking a copy of
the movie, since I think it's worth to watch.

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. Tuesday, April 5

If anybody have ever read a book with this title, I'd like to hear some comments.

I know this is a very old book, but I do believe that this is a good book to read.
Okay, for those that are definitely blind about this, I'm going to tell some points out.

"1984" is 'forth-telling' the situation that this world face in the year 1984.
It tells about how the nations in the world are uniting and therefore only making out the existence of some super-power countries. The focus is on a man that is dwelling about the truth and so-called ideology that his country implements to every 'civilized' civilian. Pretty amusing, I say.

There is one thing that really hit me on the spot. It's about how the leader run the country by preventing any difficulties to rise, in means of the wipe-out of words and definition from the society. Can you imagine you live in a society that doesn't understand what is "rebel", "inequality", or "initiative". Since words and definition are telling the society to think and compare every aspect of their situation, eliminating them is just like cutting the social logical frame, isn't it?

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Starting this week

. Monday, April 4

It was raining then, and I was already late for work. Luckily somebody with a ride pleased to drove me to my office. I guess, woke up late in the morning wasn't a good idea to start a day.

One of my office mates even have to deal himself with the rain by, only, using his bike (he's soaking wet right now). Hmm .. I guess a car must be included in my wishlist, not a fancy one - just something that can give me shelter during a hot and a rainy day. Do you know that Batam do have special regulation about importing cars from outside the country, and that is resulting car prices are very low in comparison with most of other area in Indonesia. An example, I can have a '93 Galant Lancer for IDR 38M. Well, most of them are second-hand, undeniably.

FuPei just remind me of my abundant resource of gmail invitation. I guess this one is going for a big one for gmail itself.

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