I miss school holidays

. Monday, June 27

The problem with being a working man is, no more school holidays for you. I have to admit, that there were times when I spent my time with Andrew during night hours that stuned me regarding how I almost fully-unrealized-dedicating my time for the company. Well, I get paid for sure and it's more that just a 'well' but time isn't something that I can rewind to repeat it again. No wonder there are so much family lost its' warmth just because of the parents' work schedule that is tighter than Angelina Jolie's bikini.

I realized also that, if I didn't get the chance to endure all this till now, I wouldn't be able to gain enough determination about developing a money-earning-enterpreneurship. I think being boss in my own company would be a great idea.

But for the time around, I'd like to have some more endurance drill for me.

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I met new old friend of mine

. Friday, June 17

Life sure is so full of changes.

I have one friend that I've known since my teen ages, we weren't so close even though that we are distance-relatives. But recently I managed to get know this person even greater than before, just to prove how people often found hard time to show other the kindness hidden inside.

Oh, and also I get to know one girl that know what to adore in her life. She introduce me into the depth of Gackt. I am as interested as always. Interested in her way of enjoying life with the presence of Gackt. Her friends tell me that she keeps on talking about J-Rock all the time, that cheers me a lot. Since most of the people around me see me as some eccentric guy, but that even grow my eagerness upon J-Rock even more.

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I'm energized now

. Monday, June 13

Last week wasn't a nice week since I lost my chance to went to the swimming pool because of cough and flu I had. It was already hard for me to breathe normally. I realized that I couldn't practice myself in the swimming pool and endure more presure on my lungs in that condition. Well, at least I didn't let anybody down since this time all the kids that usually go to the swimming pool with me were on their school farewell party.

The only thing that excited me was my Sunday J-Dorama series, Waterboys, that was on their last two episodes. Their synchro-swim performance was so awesome that I barely hold myself from screaming and clapping my hands. It was so natural, no profesionals joined the team since every team member was selected from people that have no synchro-swim background. Well, the result couldn't be compared to Olympics standards for sure, but the story that came before and the tunes that was played are to show how they fond people that are precious to them. Some moves were similar with the one in the movie, so does the tunes, but that was what made me even crazier at howling and imitating their acts. But the greatest touch for me is when the Re-mixed version of Niji (Fukuyama Masaharu) took place and the boys were singing along.

Wish me a great week coming!

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Back to my tasks

. Friday, June 3


I'm on the peak of my zeith. These weekdays seems like they're going so fast, that I can't even land my eyes on any of it without being carried away in it and then be bashed. It's been days since the last time I updated my blog, that's one fact how I start to loose my awareness because of those pile of tasks I'm encountering.

I feel so tired, doing some coding, managing a system database, analyze some system-enhancing project requirements this week. But the more bitter I have, the more I feel fit. It's been days for me to stay up late till early in the morning (3 a.m.) and I do admit that I feel so sleepy during noon but totally I feel my body so liven. Care for a swimming excercise?

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