A new face for my Blog

. Friday, October 29


Finally I did some changes in my blog's layout .. or face if I may say.
Hey, this is just for some refreshment, okay. I need some, since this feeling I'm having right now is telling me that making changes is something that 'you' should do. 'You' are not a static being 'you' are a being on a point of flow. So do live!

This new layout meant to shorten the load time, since my connection isn't a very broad-backboned one, so I think that the lesser amount of data (picture especially) sent, faster I will get my page. This is just a cliche excuse : p .. sooner or later, this page would loaded with tons of pictures. Ha ha ha .. don't care about it right now.

Hey, it's been a long time since the last time I filled this blog.
Hmm.. what have you missed, then. Oh, today is our pay-check day! Hope they transfered my portion before this afternoon, since I've got so many plan in my head right now. Well, the last few days were a terrible day to live. We'd just fasten our belt to deal with the hunger, no more fund left. My wallet is empty. No entertainment at all, just sleep as soon as we reached home and done with any routines. Pfuu..

Hey, the great point that I achieve is .. I never feel upset or angry or any bad moods during these days. Don't know why, though.

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Work in the weekend?

. Saturday, October 23

Yup, today is Saturday and as always, I go to work. But before we stepped out from the neighborhood. A framed image would make our day feels better.

And in the office, here is what I get.

Well ... just hang on with it.

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My Bad

. Thursday, October 21

I feel bad about this one.
Last nigh, as usual, I hang out with Rob at Pak Heri's place. At first he was just playing game, until we arrived back after we go to one of the ATM located at our factory. We arrived back just to found out that Pak Heri was having a hard time to settle a flood that was streaming our network traffic.
He asked me "Do you know who's the one that used to use Kazaa?" Then he explained that someone is letting outsiders to stream our network. I never thought that the one that he was asking about is ME !
I just realized when he mentioned that the client side of any p2p protocols can cause this. I suddenly remember my BitTorrent progress. Darn!

Really, I feel bad about this.
He's been working day and night just to settle this problem.

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A sound sleep

. Wednesday, October 20

Last night was a peaceful sleep I had. Looking back at the last two days and the mosquitoes, last night was a mosquitoes free and cool night to dwell.
Too late for wake up!
So I just go to my work place, without taking a shower, let alone tooth brushing.
No body know .. well some does. Including you.

Well, got so many people keeping me busy today.
Got to get back to each one of them.

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A thinking about relationship

. Tuesday, October 19

What will be your answer when someone asked you the following question : "Which one is more prior to you, your best friend or your girlfriend?"

I often have a tendention that best friend is more preferable towards girl friend. This thing keeps me smiling all the time. Yes, the reason in a very sensefull one. It is said that a true friend is a hard-to-replace treasure that one must keep. Why?

One precious a best friend relationship since there is a big difference between a girlfriend and a best friend. You see, when one is exposing one self towards one's girlfriend he tends to show the good side of him. Since a 'for future' friend is someone that one must comforts and assures. Different with this, a best friend is someone who one can exploit him self out of no disguise, a best friends is someone that one can count on in accepting him for what he is.

So if your girlfriend is your best friend, can the storyline goes as graceful as it can be?

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A long night

. Monday, October 18

Last night surely a long-uncomfortable night to have.
I was already feel so sleepy and tired for I played tennis early in the evening with Rob and some other guys we used to meet in the church. I was thinking, when I reached home I'll just lay my back and enjoy a comfort cushion (as comfort as it can be). Then Ju came and ask me to join him playing the PlayStation console (at some rental houses), at first I told him that I was so tired but since he put a bet on it, that boils my blood : p
The deal is, whoever loses pays the rental fee. Obviously I was in my top condition to beat him, dunno why but these two days is just like a happy ending days for me (in playing against Ju), because usually he's the one that beat me the most. So I won!

We arrived back home around quarter to twelve, acted like we're going to have a holiday or whatsoever tomorrow. So we chat a bit and played around till pass twelve before we pulled our pillow and matres. Just before I totally closed my eyes, those stinking creatures made their move.

Darn mosquitoes ! They keep on buzzing around me and sucking my blood all the time till around half-to-two, can't have a decent sleep so I move to one of the room (and I used Rob's place, since he wasn't at home). Those mosquitoes are lucky because last night we were running out of those mosquitoes coil.

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. Friday, October 15

Time sure flies. Glad to know these guys. Don't know if we might see each other again in the future.

(A photo taken around April 2004 [nich]© 2004)

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A new day has come

. Thursday, October 14

A new day has come, yes I think that sounds right for what I'm having right now.
Just got back from Medan yesterday. I attended the Graduation, no regrets.

Arrived at Del on Sunday night. Pretty comfortable trip I had. People greeted me that makes me blush. Got carried with the story-telling, though : p
We did have some General Repetition before the main event. Wasn't something that to hard to do, though.
The event's aura it self is something that I usually to attend so it wasn't a very touching moment except when Pak Komang, our first director, start to spoke. Almost shed a tear there. Yes, he was the only one that I missed the most. Got disappointed because we didn't sung the 'O Kino Kurino' for him. Oh ..

Don't know if I must tell about this, but since everybody was so happy about this, guess I'll spilled it out. Do you know Joy? 'that' Joy! The Indonesian Idol one! Yep, she did some surprise. She sang for us. Quite entertaining, even very. She does know how to sing and perform. Love it when she invited us to come at front and did the 'Tor-Tor' ... yee haa...
One thing funny over here, when we all gathered at front she told us to threw our hat into the air ... we were so dazzled and just threw the hat unconsciously, causing Sofia's landed on the platform .. : p I got it back for her.

We all glad to be graduated.

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I'm going.

. Friday, October 8

Well, today is Friday, this week's last work-day
Tomorrow I'll be leaving Batam, heading for Medan. Yup, I'm going back for the graduation. Hope things will be just as perfect as it can be.

So no words from me, till Wednesday or so, hope you guys have a great time out there.
Hope none will be so panic about this. If anything happen, I'll write it down here. So just wait for my return.

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Did the job

. Thursday, October 7


I did the job, no problem at all, as always.
This business gathering was an awesome place to learn about how the JSX play their role in facilitating companies to gain help from the public, throughout this go public concept. Just like what my company has faced. Learn lots about the stock regulation in Indonesia, too.

Yup, that part surely almost tricked me a little, thanks to that 'table manner' class we had before in Del nothing is out of my reach.
Firstly, I join the company's representatives to have the lunch together at our preserved table. Just as long as the main course (I had roasted chicked, Thai 'beehoon', and that beef stuff that taste just almost like the burger that I used to had in Pioneer Camp) carried out, after that (hihihi) I excused my self ... and start roaming around the main table. Ha!
I start my second main course, with 'pempek' ah .. great, the sauce was just perfect.
The desert is the longest trip, starting with the cake, then walking around the hall to adjust my stomach, just to realize that everybody from my table already scattered all over the hall doing the same thing with what I was doing. Hahahaha.
Next, I continued with some fruits .. closed with the creamy-topped pudding. That was great ...

Hey, at least I spent some time with some stuff, instead of got stuck in the office just waiting for lunch. Yeah, not many things to do lately. That's why I can fill this blog.

Hey, today is Wednesday. Just 3 days from Saturday, getting closer to my day of departure back to Medan. Yee haaa !

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Got to let this one spurt out from me!

. Wednesday, October 6


There were times when we just can't hold back something that urges from inside of you, something that either of pain or pleasure. Just like what I am having right now. Glad that this one is a blast of happy feeling.
Yesterday I was informed that the Corporate Secretary needs me *just* to help him to carry out a presentation, well I thought that it would be an intern presentation, so I nod my head in reply for agreement. Today I just informed that it'll be a Company presentation towards stake-holders and also the JSX. Whoa, suddenly I feel so happy but that's why I wrote this blog coz I can't just yelling and hopping around in the office to show how exited I am.

It's because of the L U N C H !
Yup, tomorrow I'll be having a great lunch, definitely : D

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It's a Monday

. Monday, October 4


It's Monday today, even if people are used to say "I don't like Monday", can't say that right now. I had great weekends the week before.
Even if we didn't went out at daytime on Saturday, at least we did do something useful for the house, yup redecorated it already, we change the living room into a bit more spacial. Thank to my habit of sleeping in there during the night, now everybody seems to want to join me over there. I already 'scared' them by telling them that, I often see something during the night that would give any body a goosebumps (*spooky*) but they just don't take it. Got to share the space then : p
In the evening, even if we didn't hang out to the preplanned site, at least we didn't spent the nigh just sitting uselessly in the house. We went to the church for setting up the church building for M & H wedding that took place at Sunday morning. We did pretty well, lots of jobs to do, I'm taking care the video shoot and relay point. We stayed in the church up till 11 o'clock. So when we arrived home, it was a little bit tiring for us to go out to that preplanned hangout place. So we just take some sit and relax before we went to bed, still have to get up early in the morning for the wedding.
The wedding it self gives a tickle for me, I mean not the procession or the persons that were connected to it. I mean the meaning of 'wedding' that was declared to us in the church, it was so sacred. It didn't sound like anything that people would played around with. The commitment, it's so deep in meaning. The life before the wedding also has some aspect that must be seen. How did they pass the time where they still go out together as boyfriend and girlfriend ... *bla-bla-bla*
Ah, enough with the wedding thing, let me keep it for me.

One thing to remember, Sunday night sure is a dull time for me.
Got to have a TV set or something to deal with it.

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It's Friday today.

. Friday, October 1


Thank God it's Friday today. Hehehe last day in the office (for this week). Got lots of things to do starting from tomorrow. Well, at least it won't be the same tasks that I have at work : )

The house need some work, hey we have just got our first check, should use it for the house a bit don't you agree. A saying sounds like this "An unused treasure, is a wasted treasure".
Some of us already thinking about what to do with the living room, some already proposing a room re-assignment, Rob already notice that the bathroom got some problem with leaking and so on.
Laundry time also coming up, duh!

In the mid-noon, or around that time, I'll be go out to the church to do some setup for a wedding ceremony that will be held on Sunday morning. We're going to set some relay point so people outside the wedding-procession-room can watch the show : p
Go with P'Heri there.

Evening time .. what else would you do on a Saturday Night. Yup, we've booked for ourselves a seat in Pacific (I hope it's the right name). Got one of Rob's reliable friend backed us up at this matter. So we can save some of our money, instead of spending it out.

So lots of things to do, but ..
Well, one thing at a time sounds good.

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