I need more space

. Tuesday, May 17

I've been living in Batam for 7 months-or-so. And I thought about staying in my own place, my own, where I take care everything fully on my own. At the moment I'm living in a house with my mates, there are 5 of us. I don't see any sense of belonging bloom from any of us, maybe it's because we share everything, and neglect all of it at a sudden time.

Someone offered me a good deal for a house, it's furnished, has AirCon, tree on the terrace, and some appliances are provided. But the stake is high, I have to pay bigger rent fee, and other bills on my own. I still can't made up my mind.

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Looking for Soundtracks

. Tuesday, May 10

Just found one of Day After Tomorrow song, My Faith. I got hooked on this song since I used to spend my weekends watching "Home & Away". It comes with a great story. I just love all of those "so-called-coincident" (pretty much like the way I'm seeing this life) which leads to a happy ending.

I think I'm just going to explode back to my old habit, and that means I'm going to start collecting MP3 samples of some J-Pop/J-Rock soundtracks, soon.
I'm going to start with that "Anchor Woman" (Jap: News no Onna) Soundtrack, it's pretty fresh.

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First time in this year

. Monday, May 9

Yesterday was the very first day in 2005 when I let myself go to the
church. Sounds pretty sob, eh? Well, I don't make a big ruckuss about
this but something that amazed me, is that all of this was because of a
note that really turn my point of view (plus all the things that I've
been through in the last one week).

Well, people do change, I guess. But continously?

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Digital Camera, better get one for myself

. Wednesday, May 4

I'm on a plan to get myself a digital camera. Since my old man's Canon one got broken by the day we reached Bali, I knew I should get a replacement sooner or later. And since I've been thinking all the time, I decided that this time I'm going to buy a digital one just for happy-shooting.

Right now I'm on an intersection, whether I have to decide to take Canon Digital IXUS i5 or Canon PowerShot A400. The stake is simple, will the performance of the IXUS i5 be able to redeem my anger of hunger for the next 3 weeks. Some friend of mine told me that Canon Digital IXUS 30 should be enough, still I only set my eyes for two of the mentioned before as a qualified candidates.

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