N70: My New Experience

. Wednesday, January 21

It's been years and I'm still using my Sony Ericsson K700i up till today, coz now I've got myself a Nokia N70 as my daily gadget. I also got it with some great price, which happened on the rigth time also. Hee,hee got my project's fund transferred just this morning.

It's not like I'm an old-fashioned (well, it's up to you to decide, anyway), but I'm quite satisfied with the service it provides. All my needs are covered, and I don't think I need a monster-multimedia whatsoever in for my daily activities.

I've got my laptop for internet purpose, I've got my digital camera for still-image shooting, and my handycam is ready whenever I need to make a video. Hence the cellphone act as it supposed to be, texting and making phone calls.

But recently some techincal difficulties went arose. The keypad start to degrade, I found it annoying because I do text alot. The charger slot is keep on frustrating me, because somehow it'll works fine but when I left it, then the charging process would be stopped because the slot isn't properly accepting the jack. Furthermore, the signal availability seemed to be in a havoc. It's full-barred but still it won't accepting calls. OMG!

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Don't Judge a Dog Easily

. Monday, January 5

I have a dog, an ordinary country-dog, not any from those popular breed. But we get along one to another, and that's fine with me. Okay, this dog has a name, it's BlackOut. Never been "black" or the common "blacky" people used to pick for their dog's name. If you're curious, where did "blackout" came, well.. back then, its a time where we often got electricty cut-out in our place. So, that's how it gets it's name.

I think it's only us, who often use the color of the dog as it's name. Let us see together what color does BlackOut had during his baby-age:

Okay, as you can see.. it's not totally black-colored, but the easily noticed black hair suite the name.

But here's an evidence that I'd like to show you, so you will think twice before giving your pet a name based on their color.

You see the difference don't you!? *LOL*
I took that picture recently, with his new meal-bowl (as a new year's present from the family)
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