Finding My Jeans Size

. Tuesday, September 8

Looking back to the days, I realize.. there's only a couple of occasion I would have leave the house without wearing a pair of jeans. I guess it has become default of my wardrobe option.

But back to couple of weeks ago, I was facing a situation when I was about to buy a new pair of jeans. I was out of town, in a new place - where I never bought any pair of jeans before. For you to know, I can't recall when was I had a pair of jeans that neatly fit my size. So I usually take the jeans to a seamstress that measures my size and make the newly bought pair of jeans, to be fit to my size.

Since the chance for me to gain help from that skillful person is no longer available, till I got back home. I really have to pick the right jeans for me. And that mean, I have to get to know my size. So there was this web page that provide jeans size guide. Which I found very usefull, since I need a precise measurement for my leg size.

But for you that is looking for plus sized clothing measurement, I doubt you'll find that address is quite important. Well, I'm just letting you know, in case you really need it.

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