Free Domain to Win

. Tuesday, December 9

This information is not a scam or hoax, this is the real thing. For you who is looking for the chance to have your own domain (eg; then this is what you need to know!

What is it?
Namecheap is having a contest during this holiday season. And the prize is a sum of money deposited on your NameCheap account which then can be used to buy a domain from this ICANN accredited domain name registrar.

How big is the opportunity?
Well, the total of the prize is worth $17,000 (calculated from the cost for a domain registration in NameCheap). NameCheap announces a trivia every hour of the hour, and for each turn they will give 3 winners a free chance to buy a domain. Since the event last from 1st of December through 25th, you can do the math.

And believe me, I have won two times!

First One

Second One

Are you interested? If you do, then please continue to read this post for the details.

The contest is a trivia challenge, running on twitter. And since you need to have an account in NameCheap to claim your prize, Go register yourself (if you don't have any, yet). Just clik the logo below:
$9.69 Domain name registration at

  1. Get yourself a twitter account, just go to
    And if you don't mind, we can be friends, just FOLLOW me at
  2. Okay, the next step is to FOLLOW NameCheap at twitter, by visiting
    There you can see the trivia running. Just reply with an answer for your chance.
  3. The winners are:
    1 that is gave the first correct answer
    1 that is pick randomly, from those who answer correctly within the first 3 minutes
    1 that is gave correct answer within the first 10 minutes
  4. Since random method involving a bit of luck, don't feel down if you're in bad timing. For those who scored most in the total of correct answer given, there's an iPOD to win.

After you registered successfully, you need to integrate your user account with your twitter username. So the guys from NameCheap can verify where to deposit the funds. Just browse in your "My Account" page and select "Twitter Integration" from the left panel.

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Working with Revolution Theme

. Wednesday, December 3

I finally got my work done, 24hrs of modifiying a very nice theme Revolution Two for our blogger community. I chose the LifeStyle theme, since it is a very good magazine style theme. The best I can get for a wordpress powered blog, after searching all around the web.

The default style is looked like this:

But after deciding that I should made some changes in the layout and color, the result is much more different, as you can see in our blogger community page

They are many other themes available, either it's just normal blog style or magazine style, even media-oriented style is available. Take a visit, to see more:
Click here to visit Revolution Theme website!

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2008 AIDS Day

. Tuesday, December 2

Bloggers Unite
Today is World AIDS Day, and bloggers unite to spread the words concerning this issue. As me myself, a blogger, I feel like I should post my opinion regarding this.

It is a common knowledge now, that AIDS is a disease that can make it's victim turn out worse day by day. Not just because the biological effect, but also the social-impact hazard it can cause. It is well known that most of those who suffer from AIDS became isolated by their community (even their family sometimes neglect or exiled him/her).

If we try to see what cause an HIV infection, some are from "bad things" that one conducted. But the effect can spread across generations. A mother that is infected an HIV will gave birth to a new born baby, carrying the disease also. And it takes time for us to get the cure for this illness. An illness that would brought dark future for the next generation.

So let's unite and help those who raise war against AIDS. Support you local activities, or organization that put their effort to maintain the community. Stop conducting any activities that can cause more problematic issue to come arise in your family. And the most important, show your sympathy and emphaty to those who already suffer from the dissease.

If we don't start it, who will? The generation next after us? I don't think so.

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Unite for Refugees

. Monday, November 10

Bloggers Unite
Have you ever seen any injustice upon human rights taking place in front of your eyes? When higher aristocrats' decisione causing in neglects of many one's welfare?
Today is Bloggers Unite for Refugees, in order to raise our voice to help those who in need. Those who get involved in so-called unlucky situation. Just because they don't have the power to balance their position, just because they exist with the least political power to make a change.

If you think you can't make a difference, think again. One voice probably mean nothing for you, but one-voice less can be prevent by taking part in this movement.
See if you can get involved, seek the NGO or any other services that can give you a place to start your share of love. This probably won't be easy, but who says it would?

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Yahoo Easter Egg

. Saturday, October 18

My early days of getting involved with the internet was filled with many hillarious things. One of it, was when Yahoo! screamed "" when you open the website. Well, it wouldn't be funny if the accident didn't take place in the middle of a class lol

Well, I never really realized till now. That "screaming" has gone, alright. No more "Yahooo..oo" will be heard when you open the page. Well, not automatically played, actually.

You see, the sound scheme is still there. But it seems that Yahoo! already turned it off from automatic mode. And the event that will trigger it, is by clickin on the "!" at the end of Yahoo! logo on top of the page. Here, let me show it to you;

It sure brings back the memories of my old days, how about you try it yourself.

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Label Cloud for Blogger

. Wednesday, October 1

As you can see on my footer, this blog has its own label cloud! For those that familiar with WordPress, maybe tag cloud will ring the bell for you.

It's a way to indicates label/tag frequent usage. The more I assign them to my posts, the bigger they are shown. I personally think that this is much better than the normal list (with the number of the frequency next to it). Don't you agree?

WordPress user may find it easy to accomplish, since there already a built-in widget management on the administration panel. But for blogger, the story is different. I don't know why the widget isn't available on the gadget list. Don't they see how people love it? Is it because we're still in Beta?

Whatever, now if you are interested in adding this cool feature on your blog. See the simple 3 steps I've found on phy3blog

At first, I couldn't make the clouds to be distributed accross the line. It was rather sorted, just like any ordinary list (<li>) would do. Then I check my CSS, just to found out that there was a handler for footer-list. Deleted it and there it goes.

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A View from the (roof)Top

. Saturday, September 27

I have always wanted to enjoy some time on a roof top. But after five months in my new place, I've just realized that I didn't see the opportunity that have been there all along.

Yes, I have forgotten about the reason I picked the building in the first place. And that reason was because we love the height (3-stories, actually) and the clear view (even if it's not 'that' beautiful). I was starting to remember about all of this, when I was alone on the second stories, listening to this song (The Cardigans Feat. Tom Jones - Burning Down the House) and some kids were playing fireworks.

I was hoping the fireworks worth to be taken pictures of it. So I picked my digital camera to took some pictures of the fireworks. While waiting for the fireworks, I did some shots on the view.

From Carry On

That's Medan over there, where the lights is much merrier.

From Carry On

That's not Tokyo Tower, it's just a BTS (or I thought so) that stood tall in the middle of the housing complex.
From Carry On

That's the street that provide access to my place, and those little tent is where the kids hang around. So, I wait at this side, for the fireworks of course.
From Carry On

I tried to do a lo-mo, but this pocket digital camer of mine seems can't handle it.

Well, the fireworks thing didn't turned out as I expected. Since all it had was just a high-pitched buzzing sound, and a bang. With no sparks, and that's enough reason for me to end my time on the roof top that night.

In case you are wondering, it's moeslem fasting months (Ramadhan) and every nights people celebrate something or one thing (I can't really tell, since I'm not fall in the group).

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Bed rest-ed for days

. Tuesday, September 16

Yeah, my last so-called weekend wasn't the last time I had my work day-off. The next weekend (couple days ago) also a time for me to get some rest from work. Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy it, since I was bed-rested.

I got my periodical-illness, a time where my body screams for relieve from my routine. That means I got to stop smoking, stop working, and have some total rest; in terms of 12hours of sleeping, couple of hours being awake for meals, and then spent the rest of the day for some more sleep. Those were the days where I got nothing to do beside sleep and eat, and less shower.

Now I'm back, quite refreshed; but still with some sore throats and uncomfort nostrils. Euw..

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I do have weekend

. Sunday, September 7

It's been a while that I have this in my mind - that I'll never have my own weekend. This is because I'm not an ordinary office guy, whose life-cycle is 8-5; 5-days a week (and got the last 2 days for weekend). No, I'm certainly not that kind of guy.

Building my own business, makes me works all the time (in a casual kind of way, of course). Hence, there is no such thing as weekend, since I can have my own off-time whenever there's no work to be done. Tee,hee.

But now, it's Sunday. And the timing was perfect (since yesterday), that I had my off when other people supposed to have their weekends. Hahahaha.. It sure feels great, since I can meet my friends, do things with the community bla-bla-bla.

But tomorrow is Monday, and I got to get back to work. Started from 8! I just still can't believe I'm back to an ordinary office-routine kind of thing :p

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New Layout, New Spirit

. Thursday, September 4

Okay, now that I've migrate this blog from it's previous "classic theme" what do you think? I like this theme, been use it for my other blog quite some time earlier.

And now, for the entry. I want to start focus my writings. And it has been decided, I'll go with the blogging tips. I hope this niche can gather more visitor for me. Since I'm trying to implement all the things I've learn regarding blogging (for the past year).

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. Tuesday, September 2

Did you notice? It's been months since my last post.
What is going to be with this blog?

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Added a new blog

. Wednesday, March 5

I've just added a link to my new blog. It's written in Indonesian, of course as I am proud to be one. The link can be found on my "Blog Links" section, on the right-hand side of this page. But if you want a quick link, here's the address : Blog-nya Nich

I feel kind of sorry with this blog, actually. Since I've been neglecting it for quite some time. But then again, it's my call anyway.

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Being up-to-my-ears

. Wednesday, February 13

It's been a while since I've got the access to the internet, but I haven't been able to update this blog of mine up till now.

When my friend decided to open an internet cafe, after mine was closed due to rent has ended, I was helping him establish this new internet cafe. Took a while, not that I have so many schedule to follow, to establish the connection since this building didn't have a telephone line which was we need for the ADSL. But through it all, we did it!

Now, all of the sudden, I've been facing a long list of activities that I should handle. Well, it's a good thing for a freelance like me, having my self occupied is better than having nothing to do. But the list is getting long by day. More visit to make, more programming to do, and design to fulfill. Man, this is awesome!

As a matter of fact, I had decided that I should go to college. Just to allocate my free time during the day. But all of this ruckus make me think, will this last till my college days? Because if it will do so, I'll definitely consumed (whoaa another awesome thing is laying ahead of me).

Hey, I want to say "hi" to Lin. Finally got in touch with you :D

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