Merry Christmas to You

. Saturday, December 26

On this greatest time of the year, I'd like to wish you a very special Christmas and dazzling New Year!

It's been quite a year for me. I hope you also will realize the blessing you have been getting during this year. May the coming year will be prosperous and filled with joy!

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Reading a new Manga Series: Bakuman

. Saturday, November 14

After being a loyal fan of Naruto and One Piece manga. I started to notice a new series that I feel like to read. It's not a recent starter, actually.. blame me for being such a slow-poke. But this Bakuman really catch my eyes from the first start.

Have you ever watch the movie about a "simulation world" inside an early-made simulation world? That's how I see this manga. A manga about two kids, trying to be a mangaka.

The usual "tearjerker" is still a tease, but the romance is well-lead. I just think I'll turn myself to be another fan for this series. If you curious about this, try to see Bakuman at

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Internet Shut-down

. Friday, October 23

I've found this hilarious article, about what people might do when the internet is shut down for the whole world. Like the post above, you see how people change the way they usually interact in a web-forum? Replying thread, but directly on the material.. that's so funny!

This is actually a contest, where every contestant made their own photoshop-ed version of the reality world. I'm not getting every one of it, but it's entertaining.

Check out the rest, here.

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Finding My Jeans Size

. Tuesday, September 8

Looking back to the days, I realize.. there's only a couple of occasion I would have leave the house without wearing a pair of jeans. I guess it has become default of my wardrobe option.

But back to couple of weeks ago, I was facing a situation when I was about to buy a new pair of jeans. I was out of town, in a new place - where I never bought any pair of jeans before. For you to know, I can't recall when was I had a pair of jeans that neatly fit my size. So I usually take the jeans to a seamstress that measures my size and make the newly bought pair of jeans, to be fit to my size.

Since the chance for me to gain help from that skillful person is no longer available, till I got back home. I really have to pick the right jeans for me. And that mean, I have to get to know my size. So there was this web page that provide jeans size guide. Which I found very usefull, since I need a precise measurement for my leg size.

But for you that is looking for plus sized clothing measurement, I doubt you'll find that address is quite important. Well, I'm just letting you know, in case you really need it.

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Running My Own Restaurant

. Thursday, June 18

I've always dreaming about running my own restaurant. This is supposed to be carried out when I'm at my retirement-age. But what can I do, the time has come and now I am running my own restaurant.

You can always take a look, if you feel like curious.

That's my restaurant, in Facebook's Restaurant City game *LOL*
Hey, don't feel like I'm fooling around. I'm suggesting you to try it out instead. See how much addiction can knock you down.

I've been playing this game for few days already. And boredom is far from me, because I just love to see my level goes up and new things can be done to it.

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Free Domain Giveaway

. Monday, June 8

For you who have started to feel blogging in this subdomain-given place, and already considering to buy yourself a nice domain. Know this, NameCheap is holding another great Twitter Trivia Contest, this time it's called The NameCheap Travel Twitter Trivia Contest.

This time the theme for the contest is about places, travel sites, and some true/false trivia. And in correlation with the theme, this time grand prize is a vacation of their choice - sponsored by NameCheap, of course. And to make it even greater, three players will win Canon PowerShot D10s. Waterproof, freezeproof and shockproof, they are perfect for your next voyage.

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My Plans

. Wednesday, March 4

I have some new thing to do, and that's really occupied me alot.
Not to mention my previous road-incident. Gladly, the harm wans't severe..

That new thing I said, was to handle some work regarding permalink issues, which I've found the solution that now is posted on that link.

Now that I'm working so hard to manage my time so I can cope with other assignment. Hope I'll be able to post more story in here.

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N70: My New Experience

. Wednesday, January 21

It's been years and I'm still using my Sony Ericsson K700i up till today, coz now I've got myself a Nokia N70 as my daily gadget. I also got it with some great price, which happened on the rigth time also. Hee,hee got my project's fund transferred just this morning.

It's not like I'm an old-fashioned (well, it's up to you to decide, anyway), but I'm quite satisfied with the service it provides. All my needs are covered, and I don't think I need a monster-multimedia whatsoever in for my daily activities.

I've got my laptop for internet purpose, I've got my digital camera for still-image shooting, and my handycam is ready whenever I need to make a video. Hence the cellphone act as it supposed to be, texting and making phone calls.

But recently some techincal difficulties went arose. The keypad start to degrade, I found it annoying because I do text alot. The charger slot is keep on frustrating me, because somehow it'll works fine but when I left it, then the charging process would be stopped because the slot isn't properly accepting the jack. Furthermore, the signal availability seemed to be in a havoc. It's full-barred but still it won't accepting calls. OMG!

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Don't Judge a Dog Easily

. Monday, January 5

I have a dog, an ordinary country-dog, not any from those popular breed. But we get along one to another, and that's fine with me. Okay, this dog has a name, it's BlackOut. Never been "black" or the common "blacky" people used to pick for their dog's name. If you're curious, where did "blackout" came, well.. back then, its a time where we often got electricty cut-out in our place. So, that's how it gets it's name.

I think it's only us, who often use the color of the dog as it's name. Let us see together what color does BlackOut had during his baby-age:

Okay, as you can see.. it's not totally black-colored, but the easily noticed black hair suite the name.

But here's an evidence that I'd like to show you, so you will think twice before giving your pet a name based on their color.

You see the difference don't you!? *LOL*
I took that picture recently, with his new meal-bowl (as a new year's present from the family)
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