Just one bussy weekend.

. Monday, August 8

The second weekend of August was one really bussy weekend. I enjoyed so many things and experience life even more by that time. I learned how people can hurt one and each other, so do people can easily forget about the things that hurt them the most.

Ucox's place was the start, for I and the others like Roy, Reza and Amran spent our Friday Night at Ucox's place. Doing nothing illegal instead of playing cards with hillarious penalty for those who loose the turn.

We went to sleep just about the time when the rooster is about to sign the start of the day (unfortunatelly, there was no rooster around the housing). From there we have to move back to Citramas to keep our promise to Bu Suwigi regarding the Karaoke contest that requires some setting and decoration. So we kept ourself busy during the afternoon till the evening. Not mention how I take the position of Technical Operator, really kept my awareness up to its' fullest.

I joined the Karaoke contest in purpose of merrying the National Independence Day celebration. Whoa, you should see how I perform, it's like an awesome. Well, whatever the result (which hasn't been decided, yet), I'll be more that happy for was able to joined the contest with my friends.

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. Monday, August 1

I learnt things as I enjoy my live.

As I tried to forget about what I had been waiting for for this day, the SOLIDARITAS KEBERSAMAAN (Indonesian) wrist-band which is a token for my donation. Firstly I was affraid that I'd be cheated, but then I say to myself ... "you're doing your part, and that's all".

Ha! Got them all right now!

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