. Friday, December 31

Got a deep grieve in this year closing.

Just found out that some people I know are still missing, some are starving inside the mountains in Aceh. Yes, I came from that side of Indonesia, if any of you want to know.

I am truly feel so uncomfortable with all this. I can't say " oh poor people ... what a tragedy " while I'm sitting my ass here, doing nothing. Don't talk about donation, I contributed none till now. So I guess I can't blame the government for being so lame, nor do I can blame the people that were so stupid enough to be caught by the tide. Those rotting corpses can't talk no more.

I heard some opinion that tells, this is the Allah answer for those prayers, the prayers that wish for death. Yes, some believe (or just spoke this way) that the suffering people of Aceh prayed for salvation from this world cuelness, some can't stand anymore for the separatism conflict that last for ages already, so they beg for a relieveness. Sounds like a mass suicide for me.
Don't they realize that God promised Noah that The One would never lay One's hand upon human race no more. Don't care how wicked "we" are or will be. So, think clear and don't make any explanation reasons, things happen as it is and that is enough for me.

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. Tuesday, December 28

This is me on duty ..  Posted by Hello

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A great spot for lunch

. Tuesday, December 21

Any body ever watch "Japan Hour", a 60-minutes show that expose all the way Japan is. I like it when it talks about that dine and lunch thing. When the reporter do some visit to non-fancy class restaurant, for example; an eatery in a fish market, or a sushi stand under a bridge.
It is a common thing that the site is a narrow spaced room, with cheap menu but extra-ordinary taste.

Today, I visited one if that kind of eatery, but this one isn't a sushi stang or anything like I said above. This is just a local traditional eatery that has a small corner in the airport hall, which prices is blown to the sky. Darn!

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I feel fun!

. Wednesday, December 15

Just found an enhanced trunk during the game in Gaia.
WHoa!! I was so surprised since the box was hopping over my screen.
But it took more than one day to see my inventory since Gaia got so many bugs in its system.
And guess what did I found .. a "Fox Ear" .. well it doesn't go well with my avatar but .. hey it came for free atleast.
I don't think I will use it, maybe I'll trade it with something that is grey and great.

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I'm doing this through my office ..

. Monday, December 13

Anybody ever thought of doing the "unappropriate" thing during your working hours?
Well, see me for an instance .. yes instance .. instance .. instance

Got pretty dull recently, since my supervisor had point me no task at all.

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Sorry being busy

. Friday, December 10

Got so many deadline over here, 31st Dec will be a day we never forget, since the Managers want our S/W that date : p

Another reason, I already have my own IBM ThinkPad 600E .. so I have extra things to do .. you know setup, enhance, install this - and - that ...

Lots of things I can't write right now.
Maybe tomorrow.

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Going to move again here ..

. Monday, November 29

Guess I'm going to move again, yes, move from the house that currently I take as a shelter. Not much as a shelter anymore, I guess. Since that PS One incident, I can't give any trust to that house. Something fishy is going on in there, got a hunch pretty strong, just don't know what the real is happening.
Not much of security, either. This morning I found out that anybody can get inside the house without leaving a clear trace, yes there's this damage on the door's handle that you can easily pull the knob out and trick the key mechanism .. and whoala the door would be open wide for you! ( found this one out when I'm trying to break in into my own house this morning just when I was about to go to office, since I left the key inside :p )
Hey, that's not all. The neighbors too have been giving me a pain in the neck for all that ruckus and noice during late night. Apparently, Ju got too close with 'em and therefore they feel like they're so close to us, meaning more happy-hour-together .. which doesn't suite me.

Well, I'm looking for a new place now, not just for me .. it's for us. We stick together, so when I'm out .. they're out too.

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I lost my PS-One Console

. Thursday, November 25

Two days ago, someone broke into our place and took my PS-One console, only my PS-One console.
That was something that really make my day turned to be a havoc. Hey, that console was new, only one week old. Darn, I hate it, when I lost things that belong to me. Now I won't have anything for my spare time at homw, which is the most boring time in a day.

The act is clean. It is obvious that whoever took it, has our front door key to get inside and surely only aimed for that console, since nothing else was missing (well, the CDs were included). Did report this to the developer and the security personel .. Ju is going to do some extreme approach in finding who did it, I only hope that whatever he's going to do will works.

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Start this week!

. Monday, November 22

'Kay! Today is Monday, and you might think I'll say "I don't like Monday" well, think again.. I don't have anything to complain about today. Things going pretty smooth for me, since today is the first work day for everybody after a long holiday (a "one week holiday" they have last week) means I get to meet all those people I've missed : )

Got a Lazzy Sunday yesterday, guess that what makes today a smoothy day. Hey, at least this Lazzy Sunday was filled not only with long nap, got the TV set already installed (still borrowed our neighbor's anthena, though) and running. I wathced "One Piece" yesterday, unfortunately the episode was the part that I already read in the manga, so it wasn't very entertaining me. I waited for "Astro Boy" too, but then again .. I don't know since when but the TV station seemed like had changed the schedule, darn.
Hey, that's not all ..
I bought a PS-One (the week before, it cost me hell - drain my last month salary :| ) .. unlucky me found that the TV set doesn't compatible with the console (You know that PAL/NTSC thing). I decide we need to buy a new remote for the TV set, since the panel on it doesn't have that "system-switrching" button, must be on the remote.

Know what, I take 'em all !

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Just Move

. Wednesday, November 17

I have a long day-off started from last weekend till Monday and Tuesday, yes since Monday and Tuesday was Holidays, the office was closed. I got really bored at home.
We've just move. Yes, we moved. Not very far, just next door. : p
Wasn't a very exausting job to do, actually. Since we don't have much to carry, beside the distance ... next door, only.

Got myself caught cold, though.

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Carry On

. Thursday, November 11

How are you?

Today I'm feeling fine. Got up early and cook my own breakfast. It sure great to start a morning with a decent meal.

Lately I found a very interesting topic. It's about John Titor, a time traveler. Well it was also a big surprised for me, can you imagine that time travel exists in the future? So I joined a discussion forum (http://www.timetravelinstitute.com) related to this matter, and what I found is still amazed me, I never thought that there would be so many people in this world that think the way I am thinking about this issue. Very interesting.

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Last Saturday

. Monday, November 8

Last Saturday we went to the movie, yeah, we started to realize that spending a Saturday Night by just sitting still at home isn't a very smart thing to do. We've been doing this since the Saturday before so if this is going to be a habit, well it's a good one, then.

We've got some experience that we doubt would be easily forgotten.
First, it's about the girl. Yes we did encounter this matter in fact. There were these two, attractive, girls waiting for the ticket box to open. It looked like we're going to watch the same movie as they did, so plan was being setup. We're going to buy the ticket after they bought theirs so we can choose our seat to be close to them. The plan was wrecked since I bought our ticket, before the girls did, so we're absolutely choosing our chairs based on instinct. Then the studio was opened and we all got inside. There was a girl that was checking our tickets and pointing where our seat were. Guess what, those two girls were already inside the studio (guess they got inside earlier) and took our seats. The ticket girl *that how I called the girl that checking the tickets* noticed that and explain to them that everybody should seat according to the seat number written on the ticket. So it is obvious that those two girls had to move away. Suddenly, Rob interupted the ticket girl, he said "Hey, it's alright if they are taking our seat. We just switch places, then" So the deal was made, the girls kept our seats and we realized (well, Rob and Ju realized it earlier than me) that some one was going to be thrown from the row .. and that was me. Darn, it happened so fast. Rob and Ju moved swiftly taking two seats and were leaving two empty seats between them, which ended up taken by the girls. So there were them, adding some point in their experiece list with me sitting alone in the row (really, I have two empty seats next to me), but it was fun. It was a scary movie "Ada Hantu di Sekolah", so there were so many scary scenes that freaking everybody out. I ended up screaming against the people and wasting my popcorn onto the crowds below me : p
Second, the thrills of taking a trip back home isn't a very worth to expected thing to do. It's late in the evening and we're just waiting for any public transport that heading to our home, which were so rare at that time. We've been lucky enough for the last two Saturdays.

Hey, the last movie I watched is "Confession of A Dangerous Mind" got lots of stars in it.
I like it. There was this part where Chuck told Penny that he hates all those bullshit about date and going out together, and Penny said that she agrees. This part make me think.

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Brain Usage

. Friday, November 5

Since I've been in a tremendous confusion lately, I try to figure out what's happening to my head. Then, I ended up in this brain's profiler site, MindMedia. The result is quite me, so I found it a as relieve.
I took a self-assesment test before and I already stated my mind that I would never take a look, even a glance, for the test's result form. Not because I'm afraid or feel down to see any weak point of mine (vice versa against the strong points, too). But, because I just don't want to be sticked to the result. Usually people tend to be live the way they hear it, and I don't like that kind of living.

Still, that don't solve my problem. Yesterday, I found out that I can't sign to one of my server since I *don't know* one of my account's password. I am sure I didn't changed it before. But there is still, no explanation about this up till now.

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Lost .. I think I am Lost

. Wednesday, November 3

Pfuu ...

I think these days are a bit challenging for me. Things are getting tough day by day, but that doesn't mean I have the right to complain, right? None to complain to, anyway.

There are times where I think my mind do the thinking that I don't understand. Like today, I found some task to do .. programming one .. and as I sit on my chair to start my work, my mind inspire me to things that I shouldn't bother during my working hours. I couldn't stop it, neither could I do my job so I give up to the idea and to the other things instead. That was weird, but the pleasure was mine anyway. Mostly I found myself in that state during the working hours, don't I have any better time to start acting weird? You tell me.

At current time, I'm building a new site. Still a premature one to be published. I don't have a very supporting host for my web site, therefore this work is going to take some effort and time from me. I'll let you know soon.

Hey, I could use some help if someone know how to find a good host.

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A new face for my Blog

. Friday, October 29


Finally I did some changes in my blog's layout .. or face if I may say.
Hey, this is just for some refreshment, okay. I need some, since this feeling I'm having right now is telling me that making changes is something that 'you' should do. 'You' are not a static being 'you' are a being on a point of flow. So do live!

This new layout meant to shorten the load time, since my connection isn't a very broad-backboned one, so I think that the lesser amount of data (picture especially) sent, faster I will get my page. This is just a cliche excuse : p .. sooner or later, this page would loaded with tons of pictures. Ha ha ha .. don't care about it right now.

Hey, it's been a long time since the last time I filled this blog.
Hmm.. what have you missed, then. Oh, today is our pay-check day! Hope they transfered my portion before this afternoon, since I've got so many plan in my head right now. Well, the last few days were a terrible day to live. We'd just fasten our belt to deal with the hunger, no more fund left. My wallet is empty. No entertainment at all, just sleep as soon as we reached home and done with any routines. Pfuu..

Hey, the great point that I achieve is .. I never feel upset or angry or any bad moods during these days. Don't know why, though.

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Work in the weekend?

. Saturday, October 23

Yup, today is Saturday and as always, I go to work. But before we stepped out from the neighborhood. A framed image would make our day feels better.

And in the office, here is what I get.

Well ... just hang on with it.

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My Bad

. Thursday, October 21

I feel bad about this one.
Last nigh, as usual, I hang out with Rob at Pak Heri's place. At first he was just playing game, until we arrived back after we go to one of the ATM located at our factory. We arrived back just to found out that Pak Heri was having a hard time to settle a flood that was streaming our network traffic.
He asked me "Do you know who's the one that used to use Kazaa?" Then he explained that someone is letting outsiders to stream our network. I never thought that the one that he was asking about is ME !
I just realized when he mentioned that the client side of any p2p protocols can cause this. I suddenly remember my BitTorrent progress. Darn!

Really, I feel bad about this.
He's been working day and night just to settle this problem.

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A sound sleep

. Wednesday, October 20

Last night was a peaceful sleep I had. Looking back at the last two days and the mosquitoes, last night was a mosquitoes free and cool night to dwell.
Too late for wake up!
So I just go to my work place, without taking a shower, let alone tooth brushing.
No body know .. well some does. Including you.

Well, got so many people keeping me busy today.
Got to get back to each one of them.

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A thinking about relationship

. Tuesday, October 19

What will be your answer when someone asked you the following question : "Which one is more prior to you, your best friend or your girlfriend?"

I often have a tendention that best friend is more preferable towards girl friend. This thing keeps me smiling all the time. Yes, the reason in a very sensefull one. It is said that a true friend is a hard-to-replace treasure that one must keep. Why?

One precious a best friend relationship since there is a big difference between a girlfriend and a best friend. You see, when one is exposing one self towards one's girlfriend he tends to show the good side of him. Since a 'for future' friend is someone that one must comforts and assures. Different with this, a best friend is someone who one can exploit him self out of no disguise, a best friends is someone that one can count on in accepting him for what he is.

So if your girlfriend is your best friend, can the storyline goes as graceful as it can be?

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A long night

. Monday, October 18

Last night surely a long-uncomfortable night to have.
I was already feel so sleepy and tired for I played tennis early in the evening with Rob and some other guys we used to meet in the church. I was thinking, when I reached home I'll just lay my back and enjoy a comfort cushion (as comfort as it can be). Then Ju came and ask me to join him playing the PlayStation console (at some rental houses), at first I told him that I was so tired but since he put a bet on it, that boils my blood : p
The deal is, whoever loses pays the rental fee. Obviously I was in my top condition to beat him, dunno why but these two days is just like a happy ending days for me (in playing against Ju), because usually he's the one that beat me the most. So I won!

We arrived back home around quarter to twelve, acted like we're going to have a holiday or whatsoever tomorrow. So we chat a bit and played around till pass twelve before we pulled our pillow and matres. Just before I totally closed my eyes, those stinking creatures made their move.

Darn mosquitoes ! They keep on buzzing around me and sucking my blood all the time till around half-to-two, can't have a decent sleep so I move to one of the room (and I used Rob's place, since he wasn't at home). Those mosquitoes are lucky because last night we were running out of those mosquitoes coil.

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. Friday, October 15

Time sure flies. Glad to know these guys. Don't know if we might see each other again in the future.

(A photo taken around April 2004 [nich]© 2004)

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A new day has come

. Thursday, October 14

A new day has come, yes I think that sounds right for what I'm having right now.
Just got back from Medan yesterday. I attended the Graduation, no regrets.

Arrived at Del on Sunday night. Pretty comfortable trip I had. People greeted me that makes me blush. Got carried with the story-telling, though : p
We did have some General Repetition before the main event. Wasn't something that to hard to do, though.
The event's aura it self is something that I usually to attend so it wasn't a very touching moment except when Pak Komang, our first director, start to spoke. Almost shed a tear there. Yes, he was the only one that I missed the most. Got disappointed because we didn't sung the 'O Kino Kurino' for him. Oh ..

Don't know if I must tell about this, but since everybody was so happy about this, guess I'll spilled it out. Do you know Joy? 'that' Joy! The Indonesian Idol one! Yep, she did some surprise. She sang for us. Quite entertaining, even very. She does know how to sing and perform. Love it when she invited us to come at front and did the 'Tor-Tor' ... yee haa...
One thing funny over here, when we all gathered at front she told us to threw our hat into the air ... we were so dazzled and just threw the hat unconsciously, causing Sofia's landed on the platform .. : p I got it back for her.

We all glad to be graduated.

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I'm going.

. Friday, October 8

Well, today is Friday, this week's last work-day
Tomorrow I'll be leaving Batam, heading for Medan. Yup, I'm going back for the graduation. Hope things will be just as perfect as it can be.

So no words from me, till Wednesday or so, hope you guys have a great time out there.
Hope none will be so panic about this. If anything happen, I'll write it down here. So just wait for my return.

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Did the job

. Thursday, October 7


I did the job, no problem at all, as always.
This business gathering was an awesome place to learn about how the JSX play their role in facilitating companies to gain help from the public, throughout this go public concept. Just like what my company has faced. Learn lots about the stock regulation in Indonesia, too.

Yup, that part surely almost tricked me a little, thanks to that 'table manner' class we had before in Del nothing is out of my reach.
Firstly, I join the company's representatives to have the lunch together at our preserved table. Just as long as the main course (I had roasted chicked, Thai 'beehoon', and that beef stuff that taste just almost like the burger that I used to had in Pioneer Camp) carried out, after that (hihihi) I excused my self ... and start roaming around the main table. Ha!
I start my second main course, with 'pempek' ah .. great, the sauce was just perfect.
The desert is the longest trip, starting with the cake, then walking around the hall to adjust my stomach, just to realize that everybody from my table already scattered all over the hall doing the same thing with what I was doing. Hahahaha.
Next, I continued with some fruits .. closed with the creamy-topped pudding. That was great ...

Hey, at least I spent some time with some stuff, instead of got stuck in the office just waiting for lunch. Yeah, not many things to do lately. That's why I can fill this blog.

Hey, today is Wednesday. Just 3 days from Saturday, getting closer to my day of departure back to Medan. Yee haaa !

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Got to let this one spurt out from me!

. Wednesday, October 6


There were times when we just can't hold back something that urges from inside of you, something that either of pain or pleasure. Just like what I am having right now. Glad that this one is a blast of happy feeling.
Yesterday I was informed that the Corporate Secretary needs me *just* to help him to carry out a presentation, well I thought that it would be an intern presentation, so I nod my head in reply for agreement. Today I just informed that it'll be a Company presentation towards stake-holders and also the JSX. Whoa, suddenly I feel so happy but that's why I wrote this blog coz I can't just yelling and hopping around in the office to show how exited I am.

It's because of the L U N C H !
Yup, tomorrow I'll be having a great lunch, definitely : D

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It's a Monday

. Monday, October 4


It's Monday today, even if people are used to say "I don't like Monday", can't say that right now. I had great weekends the week before.
Even if we didn't went out at daytime on Saturday, at least we did do something useful for the house, yup redecorated it already, we change the living room into a bit more spacial. Thank to my habit of sleeping in there during the night, now everybody seems to want to join me over there. I already 'scared' them by telling them that, I often see something during the night that would give any body a goosebumps (*spooky*) but they just don't take it. Got to share the space then : p
In the evening, even if we didn't hang out to the preplanned site, at least we didn't spent the nigh just sitting uselessly in the house. We went to the church for setting up the church building for M & H wedding that took place at Sunday morning. We did pretty well, lots of jobs to do, I'm taking care the video shoot and relay point. We stayed in the church up till 11 o'clock. So when we arrived home, it was a little bit tiring for us to go out to that preplanned hangout place. So we just take some sit and relax before we went to bed, still have to get up early in the morning for the wedding.
The wedding it self gives a tickle for me, I mean not the procession or the persons that were connected to it. I mean the meaning of 'wedding' that was declared to us in the church, it was so sacred. It didn't sound like anything that people would played around with. The commitment, it's so deep in meaning. The life before the wedding also has some aspect that must be seen. How did they pass the time where they still go out together as boyfriend and girlfriend ... *bla-bla-bla*
Ah, enough with the wedding thing, let me keep it for me.

One thing to remember, Sunday night sure is a dull time for me.
Got to have a TV set or something to deal with it.

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It's Friday today.

. Friday, October 1


Thank God it's Friday today. Hehehe last day in the office (for this week). Got lots of things to do starting from tomorrow. Well, at least it won't be the same tasks that I have at work : )

The house need some work, hey we have just got our first check, should use it for the house a bit don't you agree. A saying sounds like this "An unused treasure, is a wasted treasure".
Some of us already thinking about what to do with the living room, some already proposing a room re-assignment, Rob already notice that the bathroom got some problem with leaking and so on.
Laundry time also coming up, duh!

In the mid-noon, or around that time, I'll be go out to the church to do some setup for a wedding ceremony that will be held on Sunday morning. We're going to set some relay point so people outside the wedding-procession-room can watch the show : p
Go with P'Heri there.

Evening time .. what else would you do on a Saturday Night. Yup, we've booked for ourselves a seat in Pacific (I hope it's the right name). Got one of Rob's reliable friend backed us up at this matter. So we can save some of our money, instead of spending it out.

So lots of things to do, but ..
Well, one thing at a time sounds good.

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Uh .. oh ..

. Thursday, September 30

Got bad news, my (or ours, remembering that I'm not graduating alone) graduation date is delayed. This one is really disturbing me. This is the 2nd re-scheduling upon our graduation, they don't seemed to be serious about this whole thing. Even that now I'm having my first check, things like this surely bothers me a lot. Well, at first it feels great when I received a note from my bank that I've been paid for some amount of dough, scream I did, hopping around I did, we even spent the time last night at Nagoya with a little feast of course. Those happy hour didn't last long when our mind get back to the re-scheduling matter. Don't like this.

Well now I guess I should leave my worries alone, coz life is just goes on.

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I feel good.

. Wednesday, September 29

Ha !

I really feel good this morning, knowing that I'm going to do some time with my work in the office. Yup, got to catch some deadline. Sure it feels great to be busy for something you know what the mean is. Feels great to know what your time spent for. Like today, got some lesson for all of those. I'm thinking of sharing it with you all, one day later.

A news, don't know if this is a bad one or a good one.
My graduation will take place at 9th, yup the campus has just re-scheduling the date into some more-proper-they-think. Don't feel happy to hear it. So, if I've heard this one when I already decided that I am not going to take part in the graduation ceremony, then this one is a good news (even if it's actually doesn't affecting me) -- and vice versa.
But this part surely determine my way of thinking, because sometimes my head still thingking about those who still waiting for me, or the graduation it self as a moment of completing the circle for me.

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What a day.

. Tuesday, September 28

Yesterday was a whack!

I spent 14 hrs in the office, starting at 7.30 a.m until 22.10 p.m. Yeah, sure I had a lot of thing to do in the office, some deadline to catch, tasks to be done, people to contact, blog to be filled : p
But I'm not complaining for yesterday's work since it's something I've been missing all this time. You know the feeling that grows inside of you when you can't solve a problem, that feel of curios was urging from inside of me and it keep me unaware neither of time nor hunger : p

Hey, I still got my dinner, though : )
But my laundry weren't very concern about my fatigue, did them just after do some house cleaning. But this tired-feeling really helps me to take some good sleep.

So today is a fresh day, for me. I woke up early in the morning for some exercises and a 'one-man-show' concert with my guitar (I think I helped the neighborhood to woke up :D )

So here I am, back to my desk and doing all my works (again).

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It does feel great.

. Monday, September 27

Ha !
Last weekend (Saturday) sure ended up with something great. Okay that we didn't go to that shrimp reaping. But we did something else, that I think is better, and that was to use the CT Band's studio for practice, that ended up with me as their lead vocal. Yeah !!!
The great thing about it is that the band was playing old song, well most of it, and I'm just a perfect person to be the "Mr.Know-it-all". "Temple of The King", "Sailing", "Old Cotton Field", "Hey Jude" those are some of my favorites.

Sunday morning up with a lark ...
Yup, the things in the church was something. Imagine this, there was absolutely nothing left in my wallet. I was hoping that I can borrow some money from my friends (hey what friends are for, anyway?!) But luckly there's a Feast after the sermon. I did fill my stomach pretty well. It didn't stop there, Mr.Heri took me to his place, we watched the F1 race (I already told everybody that Barichello gonna win the race berfore the race start, darn! I wish I can lay my hand on that gambling table). The great thing is that while we're watching the race, we can do that 'eat-all-you-can' for anything inside his kitchen. Wahoo! Did eat some 'Kartika-Sari' and Chips and instant Noodlles.

Okay. That Sunday morning ends up as the sun was set.
I was being left alone in the house again (see, this thing is gonna be a habit in the house). Just had one nice fried-rice for dinner.
I tried to do some sms during the night, but that XL cell-operators sure pissing me off. Seems like there always be a trouble with their server, or something.

Hey, two days without any cooking really fun. No dirty dishes, no spilled oil, so hot pan, no leftovers. Can we make it like this all the time?

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Is this going to be a habit?

. Saturday, September 25

Just like the other weekends I had before, right now I'm sitting in front of my office desk, typing this. Yup, I sure ended up being in the office again ^_^'

Well, time sure flies - so fast. I don't know if my mind has become numb, but I just realized I never had other things to do beside the routines. Get up in the morning just to take some quick shower (don't mention about breakfast) and catch up some bus to the office. Spend most of my day time in the office, work .. work .. work .. Usually I stayed in the office till late in the evening, around 7 p.m. before I head for home. Night time at house really something that I do want to avoid, imagine, this is the time when I scratching for food and try to forget the rest of the world by laying my head on my bed.

If this is going to be a habit. Well, you might found my blog filled with the same ol'stuff repeating themselves again and again. Aagh... don't wanna be like that.
Better plan some action for Sunday.
Eh, if I'm not wrong .. someone asked us to join some shrimp-reaping tonight, uh.. better check it out.

*Can't wait for my way back to campus, I have a graduation ceremony to attend at Oct' 9th*

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. Thursday, September 23


I've just got for myself Kitty N's Bust-A-Groove Theme Single.
Do you know what Bust-A-Groove is? It's a PlayStation (not PS2) Game, a dance game that differs from the-well-known DDR.
If you never play it, better try it right now.

The great thing about it is, I just L O V E Kitty N (You don't want that Hiro's "I L O V E M E" thing for sure). She's so active and cute of course, that's why my eyes would never have any problem to stare at my TV for hours playing her as my heroine. The song keeps reminding me of her : )

See ... I'm dancing over here, baby !
Ye ee ee haaa !!

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Yuck !


Another night passed with tremendous experience ... last night we cook .. yeah we cook our own meal. Well, the rations we had from the nights before ... I can't say those were some proper meal (fried egg for dinner, instant noodle for dinner, some rice seasoned with salt only for dinner). This new living thing sure getting tough day by day. We never had a proper meal before since we were too busy saving some money for next month expenditures, but gladly none has been hurt in this long process : p
But last night, we had fish for dinner, yup a deep fried fish (that was all we can do, considering all the kitchen utensils we have at home). Ju bought a half-kilo of those-looks-like-sardines, and since he's the one that bought it ... I took the turn to clean the fishes. So, I did it, I did it just like the way I usually do it. Then I fried some of it, before I leave the rest to be taken over by J-Ko.

Something bad was being reported to me, the fish guts (the one that I pulled out from the fish) is still reside in our dust bin, inside the house, and since today's humidity and temperature is very high ... resulting a-stinkin'-house !

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. Monday, September 20

Woke up really late today. We had a long night last night, stayed up till 2.30 AM did some story-telling with Rob and Ju.

I feel bit disappointed because we didn't do the election. Yeah, we lost our chance since we are considered as 'immigrants' which requires some bureaucracy to gain the access to elect. Darn with those bureaucracy! Why couldn't they just gave us the spare election form. Aagh...

I did some house cleaning activities to calm down my senses.
Remembered that bag of mine. Washed it up.

Basketball, yup, another physicall exercise for me. Played basketball at CIR with Rob and Ju and G-Ta and A-seng and Kiki. I started pretty awful, I guess, but just when I reached my top performance -- I got injured. These feet are peeled (ouch!) since I played without shoes or anything. I ended up looked like a moron in the field, can't do nothing, can't move good enough.

Shit, the electricity went out.
It was totally dark at our house, and we were just stupid enough to forgot to brought some candles with us : p
Guessed we had nothing better to do at home, so we decided to go to town. Yup, we headed to Nagoya (that name makes me think that it was in Japan, that sort'a-thing).

This night-life in Batam surely tempting. But for a guy like me, those were just a sight-seeing : p.
Wasn't something that good-to-tell enough, though. So we just had some meal (quite expensive, extracted the biggest note in my wallet).

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Sunday (19/09)

. Sunday, September 19

Well, I woke up really late this morning. Hey, it has nothing to do with that 'hangin'-out-on-a-Saturday-Night' thing! We cancelled it. Bit disappointed there, but, ah well just forget about it.

There is one thing that worries me all the time about our house (especially my .. eh, our room). It's the humidity. Since Batam is a very hot plain at daytime, and we leave our house tightly closed that even a mosquito won't be able to slipped out, you can imagine how high the temperature inside (darn I wish we had a better air circulation system). The result is ... fungus. Yeah, I just realize that the humidity grows fungus at the base of my backpack. Got to clean that favorite bag of mine then. One thing to do ... tomorrow :p .

Hey, I did some physicall exercise today. Badminton. Just need some sweat flowing out from my system. Feels great now :) .

Another great thing just hit me on the face!
Rob brought home some 'Pempek' for snack :)
His old-man came from Palembang, and that was how that 'Pempek' came around.
I served it well ! Yeah, a deep-fried one hits the stomach for sure.

But this Sunday Night was another lonesome tonight for me.
Ju went for his part-time-giving-lesson thing. Rob was hanging out with his old-man and his big bro to town. Darn.

Well, just hope tomorrow will be a great day for me.
FYI : Tomorrow is General Election Day !
I do already have my own choice for president, don't give a fuck with what others say, though.

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2nd Weekend

. Saturday, September 18


It's my 2nd weekend in Batam, still no changes in day-time activities:

  • Go to the office (previously mentioned, late).

  • Do some browsing and post some for my blog.

  • Connect my self to someone out there, 'been looking for me, even mizz me'.

  • Something different for today is "No Lunch"

Well I hope some of my plan would go for a big time.

  • Rob has been asking me to hang out with him tonight (it's Saturday Night tonight!), of course that would be added by the presence of some 'opposite-sex' members.

  • I need some cash (that's a bad news, but a plan must be carried out), don't know where to withdrawl.

The worst case that might come up is: I got stuck at home, spending my 'so-long-Saturday-Night' time busting those damn mosqitoes

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What a day ...


Just got a terrible start for a day.

Early in the early, I found that I was just too tired to wake up, and it ended up with me woke up late.
Next thing, I felt like I'm the only one that has the intention to go to work today, So just wait for the other guys to finished with their 'busy-ness'. Found my walkman in a bad condition, darn I like that walkman. Well, I'm just a regular guy that would easily get pissed off when any of my properties 'cripple-ed' by anyone beside me.
That's not all. Since we left the house in the most inappropriate time, we arrived late ... the security guard already locked the registration hall...there goes my lunch.

Really hope nothing worse comes.

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A Final Fantasy Story

. Thursday, September 16

Zicd vehecrat dra Vehym Vyhdyco Q yht lyh'd mayja dra vaamehk pareht.

Ed fyc yh ih-rybbo ahtehk, E drehg, pid E ymcu lyh'd cyo ed'c y cyt ahtehk uha. Lyh oui drehg ypuid ed?

E's drehgehk ypuid dno dra caxiam (drec ec dra caneac dryd tu namydat du dra bnajeuic uha) Vehym Vyhdyco Q-2. E fyhd du caa ruf Oihy yht dra udranc yna kuehk drnuikr dra nacd uv draen cduno.

-Don't understand a thing?!
Hints : 'Al Bhed'

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My Work

. Thursday, September 9

Hey, look what I've got for my first day!
A safety shoes, well not a very fancy one, but it reminds me with the one that Squall wore. You can see it clearly at the Opening of Final Fantasy VIII, just a couple of secs before he strike Seifer back.
Ha..ha! Cool ...

Well, lots of other things that I acquired here, Barcode ID + uniform. Make me feel comfortable to roaming around the plant-site, though. Some great news is that the company allow us to wear jeans at work. That Rocks! (Well, since I only got 1 'official' trousers and 3 pairs of jeans, that policy helps me a lot) :p

- Darn I forgot to bring my jacket with me, this room is dedicated for servers machine ... can't stand the air con. Brrhrr...

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New Living

. Tuesday, September 7

I'm starting a new living here.
Being employed as a programmer ... what do you think about that?
The work is fine, sometimes it consume my time and effort but some other times it makes me feel dull just because I've got nothing to do at all :p

Well, the major thing is now I live far away now from my home (that also means I live far away from my 'gadgets'). You can even call it that I'm setting up 'my own home' at this present time. I think having two homes can be a relieve for some circumstances unless you don't think like you need it anyways.

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. Sunday, September 5

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