Done My Part

. Friday, November 24

Sometimes, it feels suck to do everything that somebody want me to do, while I'm not putting my heart for it. It's not because I dislike the person or the task. But because of the reason that I just can't let him down. And the worse part of it, that he never realize that what he's asking for is just way too unprecise.

I never put my self in arguing position, which most people, I know, feel sorry for. Darn. Why is it keep on happening on me?

I have a list of projects that we would like to conduct. Some are software development, and the others are computer supplying. Based on my perception, doing software development is requireng less fund but indeed consume my self (as a potential resource) excessively. In the other hand, supplying computers requires a great amount of fund for a start. Of course, the revenue from supplying computers is far greater than doing some software development. But what can I say, here we are, stuck in this condition.

These days, no procurement can be processed without adequate fund. And that makes us totally immobilize. So, unless there's a computer supplier that would willingly accept an agreement of pay-later with us, there's not much we can do except waiting for a chance to shine on us.

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