Getting used to it (again)

. Monday, October 16

Finally, I begin to start wandering the town during midnite hours (again) :p It ain't so hard since all the friends that were here all along, still standing still on the same spot as I left them for my so-called "runaway-trip".

We're having quite long trip, tonight. Picking up Kaboy at Iskandar Muda sure is worth doing-for, since we're having the chance to browse for some "midnight ladies" along the street. Well, it was just for fun, really .. I'm just an ordinary guy which enjoys such a group-thrill, especially when my friends are around. I found it as an effective stress-relief activity. Wanna try it? I'm not suggesting anyone, but I also cannot prohibit any of you to do so, since I found a benefit from it ;)

Enough with that, let's change the subject. The TST also great, especially when an instant noodle accompanied the drinks. Well, I have to admit that I miss that "Nasi Perang", but since there was no more ingredients available for the mentioned menu, I need to decide on a substitute. Otherwise my stomachace will getting worse (I haven't got any meal since lunch time). Tonight sponsor was IndoSinergy (LOL). Thanks to Kaboy. Glad to have someone to rely starting from now on.

Talking about "reliable person", I miss the days when I once used to be one :(
I think, that thought should motivated me back then. Don't know if I still can work the effort. Sometimes it sucks to be such a layback, but working my ass to the bone for some unclear purpose also ain't sattisfying me no good.

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. Thursday, October 12

Finally, after 40 days of mind-relaxing runaway-trip, I set my foot back in Medan. The trip was a pleasant one, so were the people I met along. Thanks for everything, guys : D

10 days in Jakarta, and 30 days in Batam was a great relieve for me. Even though that wisemen says that "running away from a problem doesn't solve it" doesn't mean that a temporary retrieve means a flaw. In my experience, stepping out from the conflict zone and make myself ready to break the iceburg, sure is working effectively. Hahaha.. Look at me right now, laughing out loud.

Err.. I want to apologize for not be able to see you (Lin), while I was in Jakarta. Seriously, I don't have the chance. I'll make it up with you next time ;)

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