. Monday, February 28

See this cute guy, he hate it when I call him cute. He's the macho one from the hamster I've mentioned before. Posted by Hello

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Been so immobile lately

. Friday, February 25

I don't know what's got into me, but seems like I've lost my sense for
doing any social part lately.

Tasks at work really got into me, but those only affecting me in the
working hours. I don't have the interest to bring home office works.

Probably since I just doesn't anybody that I can ask to go out, or
maybe it's just me that lack the willing to be so. Even tough I sounded
like a dimmed worker, I did managed to make some new friends in my
neighborhood. There's this nice couple, with two of their sons and a
bunch of adorable hamsters (I'll make sure to got them on pictures, but
not before the one that is going to give birth made her delivery).

Now I do have a great so-called hobby, playing <b>table
tennis</b> a.k.a <b>ping pong</b> during the night
time. Great chance to do some exercise, even though I'm not
'that-good'. Hey, it gives me the relieves that I need after a hard day
at work.

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It's them, the three-most comfortable companion I ever had. Did you get the counting? Posted by Hello

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One thing that I've been waiting for has just arrived, and it came out
with a 'not-so-bad' result.

Finally I've got my contractual status extended. This time instead of
getting a 6-months duration, I've got myself a 12-months duration -  a
full one year duration. Means I'll be having lots and lots of
opportunities to develop myself, not mention parties to crash, chicks
to screw, pet to take care, money to earn, knowledge to obtain and so

So, be it!

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Why does it feel better?

. Monday, February 14

This isn't my first time to come up with this idea. I've been wandering
for myself, why does it feel better for me (as a male) to have a
conversation with a member of the opposite sex group (which means,

Someway, it feels like we're playing a role when we do a conversation
between a boy and a girl, a role of dignity and experience. The best
part is that we're swapping, one at a time.

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My Days

. Saturday, February 5

I'm having a simple life here, monoton - but not devastating. Is it
worth for these people to keep me here?

I don't want to let those thinking making me down. I am just as good as
I am.

I don't think I'm too busy over here, instead I consider that I do my
job in a lame kind of way. Should I feel guilty, no but shame probably
more preferable. This is just the right job for me, even though that
I'm not the right person for the job .. poor job, just let me have it.

I don't go out anymore, no member of the opposite sex that can comfort
me lately. Yeah, things are sliping away. Am I turning into a geek that
start to neglecting all that I shouldn't leave behind. Beside those
self-destructing habits of mine, I don't think I do have any other
possitive activities.

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