Just one bussy weekend.

. Monday, August 8

The second weekend of August was one really bussy weekend. I enjoyed so many things and experience life even more by that time. I learned how people can hurt one and each other, so do people can easily forget about the things that hurt them the most.

Ucox's place was the start, for I and the others like Roy, Reza and Amran spent our Friday Night at Ucox's place. Doing nothing illegal instead of playing cards with hillarious penalty for those who loose the turn.

We went to sleep just about the time when the rooster is about to sign the start of the day (unfortunatelly, there was no rooster around the housing). From there we have to move back to Citramas to keep our promise to Bu Suwigi regarding the Karaoke contest that requires some setting and decoration. So we kept ourself busy during the afternoon till the evening. Not mention how I take the position of Technical Operator, really kept my awareness up to its' fullest.

I joined the Karaoke contest in purpose of merrying the National Independence Day celebration. Whoa, you should see how I perform, it's like an awesome. Well, whatever the result (which hasn't been decided, yet), I'll be more that happy for was able to joined the contest with my friends.

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. Monday, August 1

I learnt things as I enjoy my live.

As I tried to forget about what I had been waiting for for this day, the SOLIDARITAS KEBERSAMAAN (Indonesian) wrist-band which is a token for my donation. Firstly I was affraid that I'd be cheated, but then I say to myself ... "you're doing your part, and that's all".

Ha! Got them all right now!

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Monday Morning

. Monday, July 25

I feel like all my power is being sucked away
So sleepy, always try to find any place that is cozy enough for me to lay my head upon
The Powder Man must be working on my eyes

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"early birds" or "night owls" ?

. Wednesday, July 6

I wonder if I'm obtaining a new rythm for my biological clock. It seems like I'm having a hard time to sleep more than 4 hrs a.d. Well, I'm not saying that it's impossible for me to sleep more than 4 hrs, it's just that I keep on woke up every time I reached the time limit. I am glad for this, since I always wake up before my mobile's alarm start to tingling, be proud of myself here!

An internal biological clock is fundamental to all living organisms, influencing hormones that play a role in sleep and wakefulness, metabolic rate, and body temperature.

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I miss school holidays

. Monday, June 27

The problem with being a working man is, no more school holidays for you. I have to admit, that there were times when I spent my time with Andrew during night hours that stuned me regarding how I almost fully-unrealized-dedicating my time for the company. Well, I get paid for sure and it's more that just a 'well' but time isn't something that I can rewind to repeat it again. No wonder there are so much family lost its' warmth just because of the parents' work schedule that is tighter than Angelina Jolie's bikini.

I realized also that, if I didn't get the chance to endure all this till now, I wouldn't be able to gain enough determination about developing a money-earning-enterpreneurship. I think being boss in my own company would be a great idea.

But for the time around, I'd like to have some more endurance drill for me.

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I met new old friend of mine

. Friday, June 17

Life sure is so full of changes.

I have one friend that I've known since my teen ages, we weren't so close even though that we are distance-relatives. But recently I managed to get know this person even greater than before, just to prove how people often found hard time to show other the kindness hidden inside.

Oh, and also I get to know one girl that know what to adore in her life. She introduce me into the depth of Gackt. I am as interested as always. Interested in her way of enjoying life with the presence of Gackt. Her friends tell me that she keeps on talking about J-Rock all the time, that cheers me a lot. Since most of the people around me see me as some eccentric guy, but that even grow my eagerness upon J-Rock even more.

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I'm energized now

. Monday, June 13

Last week wasn't a nice week since I lost my chance to went to the swimming pool because of cough and flu I had. It was already hard for me to breathe normally. I realized that I couldn't practice myself in the swimming pool and endure more presure on my lungs in that condition. Well, at least I didn't let anybody down since this time all the kids that usually go to the swimming pool with me were on their school farewell party.

The only thing that excited me was my Sunday J-Dorama series, Waterboys, that was on their last two episodes. Their synchro-swim performance was so awesome that I barely hold myself from screaming and clapping my hands. It was so natural, no profesionals joined the team since every team member was selected from people that have no synchro-swim background. Well, the result couldn't be compared to Olympics standards for sure, but the story that came before and the tunes that was played are to show how they fond people that are precious to them. Some moves were similar with the one in the movie, so does the tunes, but that was what made me even crazier at howling and imitating their acts. But the greatest touch for me is when the Re-mixed version of Niji (Fukuyama Masaharu) took place and the boys were singing along.

Wish me a great week coming!

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Back to my tasks

. Friday, June 3


I'm on the peak of my zeith. These weekdays seems like they're going so fast, that I can't even land my eyes on any of it without being carried away in it and then be bashed. It's been days since the last time I updated my blog, that's one fact how I start to loose my awareness because of those pile of tasks I'm encountering.

I feel so tired, doing some coding, managing a system database, analyze some system-enhancing project requirements this week. But the more bitter I have, the more I feel fit. It's been days for me to stay up late till early in the morning (3 a.m.) and I do admit that I feel so sleepy during noon but totally I feel my body so liven. Care for a swimming excercise?

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I need more space

. Tuesday, May 17

I've been living in Batam for 7 months-or-so. And I thought about staying in my own place, my own, where I take care everything fully on my own. At the moment I'm living in a house with my mates, there are 5 of us. I don't see any sense of belonging bloom from any of us, maybe it's because we share everything, and neglect all of it at a sudden time.

Someone offered me a good deal for a house, it's furnished, has AirCon, tree on the terrace, and some appliances are provided. But the stake is high, I have to pay bigger rent fee, and other bills on my own. I still can't made up my mind.

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Looking for Soundtracks

. Tuesday, May 10

Just found one of Day After Tomorrow song, My Faith. I got hooked on this song since I used to spend my weekends watching "Home & Away". It comes with a great story. I just love all of those "so-called-coincident" (pretty much like the way I'm seeing this life) which leads to a happy ending.

I think I'm just going to explode back to my old habit, and that means I'm going to start collecting MP3 samples of some J-Pop/J-Rock soundtracks, soon.
I'm going to start with that "Anchor Woman" (Jap: News no Onna) Soundtrack, it's pretty fresh.

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First time in this year

. Monday, May 9

Yesterday was the very first day in 2005 when I let myself go to the
church. Sounds pretty sob, eh? Well, I don't make a big ruckuss about
this but something that amazed me, is that all of this was because of a
note that really turn my point of view (plus all the things that I've
been through in the last one week).

Well, people do change, I guess. But continously?

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Digital Camera, better get one for myself

. Wednesday, May 4

I'm on a plan to get myself a digital camera. Since my old man's Canon one got broken by the day we reached Bali, I knew I should get a replacement sooner or later. And since I've been thinking all the time, I decided that this time I'm going to buy a digital one just for happy-shooting.

Right now I'm on an intersection, whether I have to decide to take Canon Digital IXUS i5 or Canon PowerShot A400. The stake is simple, will the performance of the IXUS i5 be able to redeem my anger of hunger for the next 3 weeks. Some friend of mine told me that Canon Digital IXUS 30 should be enough, still I only set my eyes for two of the mentioned before as a qualified candidates.

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Inspired ..

. Tuesday, April 26

Thanks to Sherilla I recall all those days where I was spoiling those kittens. Inspired by that memories, I did what she showed me. So here I am with my FireFox Red Cats Themes.

Just click the button if you want to see more of it ..

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Old friend


If any of you have tried The Sims (another Maxis' piece of art), and notice that Friendship indicator. I hate it  when in the real life, that friend-o-meter drops down. That sucks.

People come and people go, heard that from someone last night (also one of Eminem's lyrics). Well, I can't disagree about that in fact I believe most of you have that experience, too. Maybe this is about childhood friends of yours, or about some classmates, or even a best friend you ever had. I realize that even me myself come and go from places through places, but still those old time pals sure held a lot of me. Miss you all.

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Long weekend (again?)

. Monday, April 25

Yep, last week was closed with another long weekend, we've got holidays
started from Friday.

Don't regret a thing. Even that I didn't managed to get some new soil
for my dying plants, nor do I managed to pay a visit to the church.

So I just went with my visit to the swimming pool, not much to looked
at there. But I enjoy the trip since this time I was trusted to took
some of my neighbor's kids. There were seven of them, that number not
much of a problem for me. I feel like to watch kids as they
splish-splash in the pool. Some of them don't even know how to swim,
but that care-freeness is what so artistic from enjoying things.

Can you leave worries and hesitations  behind when you face a moment of

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What I did last weekend

. Monday, April 18

Finally I managed to set going to the swimming pool, as one of my
regular activity in the weekends. As usual I spent my time with Andrew,
giving him one-or-two tips on free style. Sure enjoy the refreshing, ha!

Since I was a child, my Mohter always teach me how to take care of
plants. Unfortunately I always in the feeling that I was obligated to
do so, and now I'm not really good at it (beside doing the watering or
cleaning the dried parts of the plants). So I determined myself that I
should start do some plants brooming in my place,Got a plant from Pak
Suwigi yesterday, glad that I start my course with an easy one.  I'm
starting with using water as the media since it is easier than the soil
method. I keep it in my room, thought about liven up the space for a
bit. If I managed to keep the plants alive for the next three days, I'm
going to move it to our front terrace since that's the only part of the
house that got soil on it.

Since this weekend is another long weekend that start from Friday, I'm
going to buy some soil pots for my other plants that are coming this
weekend. I also going to go for some black-soil (as they call it) from
I-still-don't-know where with Ibu Suwigi.

Have you ever watch Leon (in English version of movie, it is called The
Professional) ?

I think I'm greatly encouraged by this movie (about the plant brooming
instead of the killing!)

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Xiu Xiu

. Wednesday, April 13

I watched a movie last midnight, entitled "Xiu Xiu" or also known as
"Sent-down Girl". It was a Chinese movie, about one of China's great
movement in the 60's. The movement is about leveling and reducing the
social condition gap between cities and rural areas, by sending
scholars to remote areas. So Xiu Xiu was sent to a remote site and help someone for sometime taking care some horses (ah, was sleepy so all the details became blur)

I didn't watch it till finish, but I'm thinking about looking a copy of
the movie, since I think it's worth to watch.

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. Tuesday, April 5

If anybody have ever read a book with this title, I'd like to hear some comments.

I know this is a very old book, but I do believe that this is a good book to read.
Okay, for those that are definitely blind about this, I'm going to tell some points out.

"1984" is 'forth-telling' the situation that this world face in the year 1984.
It tells about how the nations in the world are uniting and therefore only making out the existence of some super-power countries. The focus is on a man that is dwelling about the truth and so-called ideology that his country implements to every 'civilized' civilian. Pretty amusing, I say.

There is one thing that really hit me on the spot. It's about how the leader run the country by preventing any difficulties to rise, in means of the wipe-out of words and definition from the society. Can you imagine you live in a society that doesn't understand what is "rebel", "inequality", or "initiative". Since words and definition are telling the society to think and compare every aspect of their situation, eliminating them is just like cutting the social logical frame, isn't it?

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Starting this week

. Monday, April 4

It was raining then, and I was already late for work. Luckily somebody with a ride pleased to drove me to my office. I guess, woke up late in the morning wasn't a good idea to start a day.

One of my office mates even have to deal himself with the rain by, only, using his bike (he's soaking wet right now). Hmm .. I guess a car must be included in my wishlist, not a fancy one - just something that can give me shelter during a hot and a rainy day. Do you know that Batam do have special regulation about importing cars from outside the country, and that is resulting car prices are very low in comparison with most of other area in Indonesia. An example, I can have a '93 Galant Lancer for IDR 38M. Well, most of them are second-hand, undeniably.

FuPei just remind me of my abundant resource of gmail invitation. I guess this one is going for a big one for gmail itself.

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. Thursday, March 31

Buat kamu semua,

AKu laGi keSem-sem sama fuPei .. wahoo!

BaGusLah, setiDaknya aku punYa kesiBukan baRu, dariPada VB ?

Lumayan ketemu sama Topek, bisa ngocol bareng lagi deh.

*I've made a link on my Fave Site section on the right panel, check it

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After a long holiday

. Tuesday, March 22

Ugh, I'm really spent up over here. The long holidays I had really took
all my strength (I even, caught myself a cold). Spent most of my time
practicing ping pong, went for swimming, browsing and visiting some
neighbor. Now, I'm totally exhausted. The 5hrs night sleep seems not
enough to restore me totally, still got my eyes swollen here.

I guess I'll be needing a comfortable place to go to. How about
'upgrading' some of my seating, first?

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Came back


Just arrived yesterday from Medan. I had great time for those three
days, doing things that I've missed before, like speeding with my li'l
Bro "Kawasaki Ninja"; wrestle with our new pet dog; teaching some skill
on the net to my li'l Sis; drop by on the new hang-out-place for my
campus mates; discuss things with my parents; and of course, meet my

I realized how I would be miss them so much by the time I was just
about to leave my home. It is hard to know that I would only be able to
meet them months from now.

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Day Off

. Wednesday, March 16

I managed to have a two-day off from my office. Wasn't a hard thing to
propose to my kind-hearted supervisor, not mention some tips that I've
got to set the amount of days into two (firstly, I was thinking one day
would be enough).

So, I'm heading to Medan on the coming Friday. Got so many people
already waiting for me there, but I haven't give anyone, beside my
sister, informed yet. Isn't it great?

So many things roaming in my head, plan about this and that, I hope I
don't catch myself too much confusion.

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A break after a hard work

. Thursday, March 10

Tomorrow will be a great holiday. Since I've been working hard on
myself for the last whole week, the holiday on Friday would be just
perfect. I'll be having a Friday-to-Sunday break time, and this time no
office (or any work) for the weekend (no way, I say).

How do you enjoy your days?

Do you live a routine life that completely repeating itself for you?

Can you have that?

I say, I'm coping with it!

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A Quiz

. Monday, March 7

I doubt anyone will get a full mark for this.

After finishing the quiz, check your score here.

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I'm just going to do it again.

. Saturday, March 5

I don't care if any of you are bored with this, but I'm going to say it
again anyway. I'm got really busy lately, got deadlines to catch,
meetings to attend, shit to throw out, people to bark at, or just to
work on my ass. I'm totally on a bad weekdays, but I guess that's just
what pushes me to my best limit.

Got to get back to work.

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Have you ever thought about your dream house?

. Wednesday, March 2

What's your dream house looks like? Don't tell me you've never thought
about that before, I think it's something that everyone ought to have.

I dream about a house on the beach. Neatly built on the sand, with firm
wooden walls and naturally made roof. The house is not big, but has a
sense of age, and I do expect to spend more of my daytime outside so
some outdoors furniture sure come in handy. I have many stuff to be
played on the beach, on the sea shore, and even among the coconuts
tree. I have that stretcher that each end neatly tied to a firm tree,
one rocking chair for me to enjoy the sea view from my veranda. One
great idea that ever crossed my mind is that I have a big barrel that I
can fill with water so I can  take a hot bath in it, with the fire
burning from the bottom side! That will be a great relieve after a hard
and exhausting day, for sure.

The house is a wooden because I feel it is warmer to have that rather
than cement or glasses. I have wooden walls, wooden floors, wooden
window pane, wooden bed. Oh, attic .. I always want a house with an
attic. So I'll have a great place to spent during my night of clear
sky, where I can watch the stars and see the moon. I enjoy the sea
breeze when I lay my back on the roof of my house, staring at the sky.

The kitchen is small, but enough for me to do my cooking standing on my
feet. I don't like the concept of doing my cooking seating, or
stretched on the floor. I have lots of mugs and also some small cups.
Fridge is a must, I need place for me to keep my beers cold. Hey,
incase some party crashed into my place, right?!

What pet do I have? A dog, or a cat, or a monkey? I don't know, I just
feel that I can get on well with mammals. I don't mind to go home for a
cat, or a dog, or a monkey. As long as I go home to something. Who
lives with me? Never thought about that, actually.

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. Monday, February 28

See this cute guy, he hate it when I call him cute. He's the macho one from the hamster I've mentioned before. Posted by Hello

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Been so immobile lately

. Friday, February 25

I don't know what's got into me, but seems like I've lost my sense for
doing any social part lately.

Tasks at work really got into me, but those only affecting me in the
working hours. I don't have the interest to bring home office works.

Probably since I just doesn't anybody that I can ask to go out, or
maybe it's just me that lack the willing to be so. Even tough I sounded
like a dimmed worker, I did managed to make some new friends in my
neighborhood. There's this nice couple, with two of their sons and a
bunch of adorable hamsters (I'll make sure to got them on pictures, but
not before the one that is going to give birth made her delivery).

Now I do have a great so-called hobby, playing <b>table
tennis</b> a.k.a <b>ping pong</b> during the night
time. Great chance to do some exercise, even though I'm not
'that-good'. Hey, it gives me the relieves that I need after a hard day
at work.

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It's them, the three-most comfortable companion I ever had. Did you get the counting? Posted by Hello

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One thing that I've been waiting for has just arrived, and it came out
with a 'not-so-bad' result.

Finally I've got my contractual status extended. This time instead of
getting a 6-months duration, I've got myself a 12-months duration -  a
full one year duration. Means I'll be having lots and lots of
opportunities to develop myself, not mention parties to crash, chicks
to screw, pet to take care, money to earn, knowledge to obtain and so

So, be it!

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Why does it feel better?

. Monday, February 14

This isn't my first time to come up with this idea. I've been wandering
for myself, why does it feel better for me (as a male) to have a
conversation with a member of the opposite sex group (which means,

Someway, it feels like we're playing a role when we do a conversation
between a boy and a girl, a role of dignity and experience. The best
part is that we're swapping, one at a time.

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My Days

. Saturday, February 5

I'm having a simple life here, monoton - but not devastating. Is it
worth for these people to keep me here?

I don't want to let those thinking making me down. I am just as good as
I am.

I don't think I'm too busy over here, instead I consider that I do my
job in a lame kind of way. Should I feel guilty, no but shame probably
more preferable. This is just the right job for me, even though that
I'm not the right person for the job .. poor job, just let me have it.

I don't go out anymore, no member of the opposite sex that can comfort
me lately. Yeah, things are sliping away. Am I turning into a geek that
start to neglecting all that I shouldn't leave behind. Beside those
self-destructing habits of mine, I don't think I do have any other
possitive activities.

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Still doing the thing.

. Friday, January 21

Yep, even thou today is a Holiday and tomorrow is weekend, we still
have to come to the office to do this AS/400.

Today isn't so difficult, but tomorrow probably would be an exhausting
day. I do presume that we even would have to stay in the office till
the next morning. Anyone for company?

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A night shift?

. Monday, January 17

Can't say what I'm having right now as a night shift. I'm not supposed to have any night shift in my job description.
One of our troubling server just got me stuck in here, from the start of this weekend. You should know that right now is Monday, early in the morning.

This is one point for being a single guy, living alone - just taking care of yourself - got easily managed my time for every favour anyone ask me. Tonight seems better than that New Years Eve, anyway. Got more things to do rather than staring at my monitor for hours right now.

So how life's been doing out there?

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I made it.

. Saturday, January 15


Not so hard if you try, yes I did fix the battery problem on my Laptop. Took some time to study some references and test the result. One thing for sure, there are things that are just worth to try.

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My ThinkPad is durable .. ?

. Tuesday, January 11

Yesterday, when one of the executive board ask my supervisor to lend him any IBM Laptop Adaptor, mine is the one that was 'honored' to be picked up. That's also the reason why yesterday I can't make my way to the internet, since I pushed the machine out of it's capacity - therefore the battery was out of power and the machine was killed - but the first 30 minutes was fine.

This morning, when I got my adaptor back, I was so happy so I set evertyhing quickly. When I pluged the adaptor input jack, I realize that the battery indicator was kept on blinking - uh, strange -
First I didn't give a ruckus about it, and since yesterday all that I had been doing is looking for some updates for my ThinkPad BIOS, I already get set to install it. I checked my BIOS just to found out that my systemboard has an error, which then took me almost half of the day just to realize that it was the battery that makes the error keep on coming out. Aack!

Now, do I have enough fund to replace the battery pack? Or will I be smart enough to do it during these last month? That battery must be already age for years now, because I found out that the original battery pack can keep the machine running for 3 hrs - while mine only last for 30 mnts +

A moron speaks on the net, saying "Just pull the battery pack out, and the error will be gone". Well, I ended up following his advice.

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. Monday, January 10

February is coming. Lot's of things that I have been waiting for is going to take place in February. I can't say if some of it are good things or bad things, they are all just events, well some is going to put some effect on my life path - while some just going to give me answers for some curiousities that have been urging from inside of me.

I don't see any of these as something big that I can say 'very special'. I don't know but I just see things are 'common' since I took evertyhing so lightly, not in the context of I underestimate anything. I just appreciate everything in the same way, I take them all!

You probably want to know what are those things that I have been waiting in February, well even if you don't want to know about it, I am going to write it down anyway.

First there is this Gaia Nakie day, I don't know if this is an official event that comes from Gaia Online staff or maybe this is just an event that some user try to propose to. I just feel corious about this, the date .. oh, I forgot the date but if I'm not wrong it's 12th or 14th.

Second thing is my Mom's birthday, is it? Oh, my Mom will be sad if know that her son can't remember her birthday. I doubt if I can make something special for her birthday, like the rest of my family member's. Actually, I never made anything special for anyone's birthday anyway. Maybe I'll sing that "Mother, how are you today?" song, that if none will silence me or if I can make it to come home.

Third, the end of February is the end of my first contract with the place where I'm currently working for. I hope they don't offer me another contract, or maybe they just take me as permanent employee instead? I don't know, I can't make up my wish. I made some thinking about this already. Either it is because of my performance or my behave, I just don't think that I don't fit in this place at this moment. Since I don't have much to do recently. Ugh, where are all the projects gone?

Fourth one is related to the third. If the end of February will be my last days in Batam, then it means that I'm going to head for Medan. Yes, I have decided that if I don't have any business left in Batam I will go straight to Medan. Got better things to do there than here. Beside, more people that I have been missing for is waiting for me there. My girl, my family, the friends, and the pets or my friends' pet. Even that I still don't know what I'm going to do for living in Medan, I still think that Medan will be the most appropriate place to go.

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Gaia Online, know what that is?

. Friday, January 7

Have you tried Gaia Online? I have the link just on the righ panel of this page.
It's a place for you (me) to do all the anime thing that you have watch for all this time. Yes, there you can have a role-play (my favorite), showing off your avatar's appearance (you get one for each account, yes Gaia place you as an user), hey you can even post your drawings and arts (if you do have one) for other to vote, and the great thing is it also has its own trading system that allows Gaian Gold to circulate (so, it's really simulate a real world economy).

I guess I already got addicted to Gaia Online. Everyday I spend my hours just to get as many gold as I can - which then I spent on things that *I think* I don't really need (outfit, accecories, items and so on). But it makes me feel great everytime I did it, and when rare events took place - the feeling is so exgragating - I always got excited.

If you think you're an anime freak, try to commune in here. You'll find out how anime the world is.

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It's New Year

. Monday, January 3

Probably this is too much, I mean there already too much topic about New Year that people put in their blog, well look at mine.

Probably most of you spend your New Year's Eve with some occasions that really pleased you. Well, I did mine in the office, doing some end-year data backup that held me in the office till 23.32. Then I drove Royn to his big sis's place which made me had the 'ultimate countdown' during my way back home. This isn't my first time to spend such an event alone in the street, last year I spent waiting the 00.00 on the street waiting for some taxi. Well at least this year's first morning didn't go with me staying in the bed sleeping.

I reached home around 12.20 or so, with some bags of Potato Chips and a bottle of mineral water. Then I took some bath to refreshen myself. Did receive some calls that time, one of it was my Mom's and I glad that I wasn't the only person that is alone during the New Year's Eve since my Mom was left behind in the house while she was sleeping while my siblings and Pa went for a gather in one of my uncle's place. Hah!

Okay, back to me. I realized that I missed the beer, since the shop where I bought the Potato Chips didn't sell any beer. So the Potato Chips and the mineral water accompanied me during the "Interview with a Vampire", I think that's a great movie to watch.
It didn't take long for the Potato Chip to last, so when the movie is finished I just wanted to lay my back on my "so-called-bed". Then the "short-message-service" came one after another, just in times where I almost lost in my dream. That made me woke up everytime the cell-phone signed for alert, since I love those people that still spare their time to send me greetings and message that probably was forwarded from some other people.
Well, those alerts finally stopped and I was able to went asleep. The time when I was woke up is around mid-day, 12.32 or sometime around that, means I skipped breakfast for the first day in this year, huh?!

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