. Friday, February 2

Couple of days ago, I've got a phone call from my friend in Jakarta. He informed me about a chance for me to do a project over there. It was a brief call, with a sudden request, which stated that I should be in Jakarta on February 1st, if I were to accect the project. It was too fast for me.
I was out of town for attending the funeral of one of my grandpa's brother (he was two generation above me, so it's an okay to consider him as a grandpa of mine). The custom over there made the family had to prepare a 3-days ceremony before the old-man hit the grave. And it really consumed my so-called schedule.
But now the funeral is over and I'm back in my town. I feel quite uneasy that I turned down the offer that my friend had offered. I don't know whether I should be relieved or confused. Firstly, before the offer, I already in a "waiting" state. I already have a project that is about to be carried out. Just waiting for the client to agree my offer, and sign the contract. Frankly, this is a project that its proposing timespace is double the duration of the project's development itself. So, it's quite a pain in the neck for me to waiting the project for all this time. I was almost completely sure that I'd leave Medan when another chance would come.
And here it is, now. I got a chance, the project that was offered back to me by my friend. Is being offered again. I've got extra time to meet the contact person, since he's willing to re-schedule the meeting with me. And I definitly will be depending on my team in Medan to take care all the business I left behind for some time later, because I'll leave Medan on 5th.

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