. Friday, February 2

Couple of days ago, I've got a phone call from my friend in Jakarta. He informed me about a chance for me to do a project over there. It was a brief call, with a sudden request, which stated that I should be in Jakarta on February 1st, if I were to accect the project. It was too fast for me.
I was out of town for attending the funeral of one of my grandpa's brother (he was two generation above me, so it's an okay to consider him as a grandpa of mine). The custom over there made the family had to prepare a 3-days ceremony before the old-man hit the grave. And it really consumed my so-called schedule.
But now the funeral is over and I'm back in my town. I feel quite uneasy that I turned down the offer that my friend had offered. I don't know whether I should be relieved or confused. Firstly, before the offer, I already in a "waiting" state. I already have a project that is about to be carried out. Just waiting for the client to agree my offer, and sign the contract. Frankly, this is a project that its proposing timespace is double the duration of the project's development itself. So, it's quite a pain in the neck for me to waiting the project for all this time. I was almost completely sure that I'd leave Medan when another chance would come.
And here it is, now. I got a chance, the project that was offered back to me by my friend. Is being offered again. I've got extra time to meet the contact person, since he's willing to re-schedule the meeting with me. And I definitly will be depending on my team in Medan to take care all the business I left behind for some time later, because I'll leave Medan on 5th.

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New Year

. Tuesday, January 16

This is my first post in the year 2007.

I know it's quite "belated" to publish a first-post at the third week of a month. If I was Peter Parker, JJ would've kick me in the ass. But since I'm not Peter Parker, or any person that is bound to a so-called "schedule". There is no need for me to worry about being late or so. That's the beauty of being an unemployed, I presume.

This year is going to be a tough year for me. Lots and lots of plans are waiting for my decision, all in tight intervals. I'm looking forward to see if any chaos would be arise, for any bad-arrangement I might made. If you wonder, why I made such impression. I'm telling you this, "there is no one single way that can fulfill the satisfaction of every person that is involved by the means of conflict-of-interest, upon one's life"

And that's what I'm stuck within.

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