Going to move again here ..

. Monday, November 29

Guess I'm going to move again, yes, move from the house that currently I take as a shelter. Not much as a shelter anymore, I guess. Since that PS One incident, I can't give any trust to that house. Something fishy is going on in there, got a hunch pretty strong, just don't know what the real is happening.
Not much of security, either. This morning I found out that anybody can get inside the house without leaving a clear trace, yes there's this damage on the door's handle that you can easily pull the knob out and trick the key mechanism .. and whoala the door would be open wide for you! ( found this one out when I'm trying to break in into my own house this morning just when I was about to go to office, since I left the key inside :p )
Hey, that's not all. The neighbors too have been giving me a pain in the neck for all that ruckus and noice during late night. Apparently, Ju got too close with 'em and therefore they feel like they're so close to us, meaning more happy-hour-together .. which doesn't suite me.

Well, I'm looking for a new place now, not just for me .. it's for us. We stick together, so when I'm out .. they're out too.

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I lost my PS-One Console

. Thursday, November 25

Two days ago, someone broke into our place and took my PS-One console, only my PS-One console.
That was something that really make my day turned to be a havoc. Hey, that console was new, only one week old. Darn, I hate it, when I lost things that belong to me. Now I won't have anything for my spare time at homw, which is the most boring time in a day.

The act is clean. It is obvious that whoever took it, has our front door key to get inside and surely only aimed for that console, since nothing else was missing (well, the CDs were included). Did report this to the developer and the security personel .. Ju is going to do some extreme approach in finding who did it, I only hope that whatever he's going to do will works.

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Start this week!

. Monday, November 22

'Kay! Today is Monday, and you might think I'll say "I don't like Monday" well, think again.. I don't have anything to complain about today. Things going pretty smooth for me, since today is the first work day for everybody after a long holiday (a "one week holiday" they have last week) means I get to meet all those people I've missed : )

Got a Lazzy Sunday yesterday, guess that what makes today a smoothy day. Hey, at least this Lazzy Sunday was filled not only with long nap, got the TV set already installed (still borrowed our neighbor's anthena, though) and running. I wathced "One Piece" yesterday, unfortunately the episode was the part that I already read in the manga, so it wasn't very entertaining me. I waited for "Astro Boy" too, but then again .. I don't know since when but the TV station seemed like had changed the schedule, darn.
Hey, that's not all ..
I bought a PS-One (the week before, it cost me hell - drain my last month salary :| ) .. unlucky me found that the TV set doesn't compatible with the console (You know that PAL/NTSC thing). I decide we need to buy a new remote for the TV set, since the panel on it doesn't have that "system-switrching" button, must be on the remote.

Know what, I take 'em all !

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Just Move

. Wednesday, November 17

I have a long day-off started from last weekend till Monday and Tuesday, yes since Monday and Tuesday was Holidays, the office was closed. I got really bored at home.
We've just move. Yes, we moved. Not very far, just next door. : p
Wasn't a very exausting job to do, actually. Since we don't have much to carry, beside the distance ... next door, only.

Got myself caught cold, though.

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Carry On

. Thursday, November 11

How are you?

Today I'm feeling fine. Got up early and cook my own breakfast. It sure great to start a morning with a decent meal.

Lately I found a very interesting topic. It's about John Titor, a time traveler. Well it was also a big surprised for me, can you imagine that time travel exists in the future? So I joined a discussion forum (http://www.timetravelinstitute.com) related to this matter, and what I found is still amazed me, I never thought that there would be so many people in this world that think the way I am thinking about this issue. Very interesting.

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Last Saturday

. Monday, November 8

Last Saturday we went to the movie, yeah, we started to realize that spending a Saturday Night by just sitting still at home isn't a very smart thing to do. We've been doing this since the Saturday before so if this is going to be a habit, well it's a good one, then.

We've got some experience that we doubt would be easily forgotten.
First, it's about the girl. Yes we did encounter this matter in fact. There were these two, attractive, girls waiting for the ticket box to open. It looked like we're going to watch the same movie as they did, so plan was being setup. We're going to buy the ticket after they bought theirs so we can choose our seat to be close to them. The plan was wrecked since I bought our ticket, before the girls did, so we're absolutely choosing our chairs based on instinct. Then the studio was opened and we all got inside. There was a girl that was checking our tickets and pointing where our seat were. Guess what, those two girls were already inside the studio (guess they got inside earlier) and took our seats. The ticket girl *that how I called the girl that checking the tickets* noticed that and explain to them that everybody should seat according to the seat number written on the ticket. So it is obvious that those two girls had to move away. Suddenly, Rob interupted the ticket girl, he said "Hey, it's alright if they are taking our seat. We just switch places, then" So the deal was made, the girls kept our seats and we realized (well, Rob and Ju realized it earlier than me) that some one was going to be thrown from the row .. and that was me. Darn, it happened so fast. Rob and Ju moved swiftly taking two seats and were leaving two empty seats between them, which ended up taken by the girls. So there were them, adding some point in their experiece list with me sitting alone in the row (really, I have two empty seats next to me), but it was fun. It was a scary movie "Ada Hantu di Sekolah", so there were so many scary scenes that freaking everybody out. I ended up screaming against the people and wasting my popcorn onto the crowds below me : p
Second, the thrills of taking a trip back home isn't a very worth to expected thing to do. It's late in the evening and we're just waiting for any public transport that heading to our home, which were so rare at that time. We've been lucky enough for the last two Saturdays.

Hey, the last movie I watched is "Confession of A Dangerous Mind" got lots of stars in it.
I like it. There was this part where Chuck told Penny that he hates all those bullshit about date and going out together, and Penny said that she agrees. This part make me think.

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Brain Usage

. Friday, November 5

Since I've been in a tremendous confusion lately, I try to figure out what's happening to my head. Then, I ended up in this brain's profiler site, MindMedia. The result is quite me, so I found it a as relieve.
I took a self-assesment test before and I already stated my mind that I would never take a look, even a glance, for the test's result form. Not because I'm afraid or feel down to see any weak point of mine (vice versa against the strong points, too). But, because I just don't want to be sticked to the result. Usually people tend to be live the way they hear it, and I don't like that kind of living.

Still, that don't solve my problem. Yesterday, I found out that I can't sign to one of my server since I *don't know* one of my account's password. I am sure I didn't changed it before. But there is still, no explanation about this up till now.

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Lost .. I think I am Lost

. Wednesday, November 3

Pfuu ...

I think these days are a bit challenging for me. Things are getting tough day by day, but that doesn't mean I have the right to complain, right? None to complain to, anyway.

There are times where I think my mind do the thinking that I don't understand. Like today, I found some task to do .. programming one .. and as I sit on my chair to start my work, my mind inspire me to things that I shouldn't bother during my working hours. I couldn't stop it, neither could I do my job so I give up to the idea and to the other things instead. That was weird, but the pleasure was mine anyway. Mostly I found myself in that state during the working hours, don't I have any better time to start acting weird? You tell me.

At current time, I'm building a new site. Still a premature one to be published. I don't have a very supporting host for my web site, therefore this work is going to take some effort and time from me. I'll let you know soon.

Hey, I could use some help if someone know how to find a good host.

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