Getting refreshed

. Monday, December 11

I wonder how did things really worked in the "delayed" ways for me. As you should already knew, I myself am one manga-addict for all this time. And I've found a place that help me refresh anda proceed with my progress regarding some of my favourite manga.

Naruto Community is the place!
I managed to get my hands on Naruto, Bleach , One Piece, and also Gantz :D

I really got myself occupied during mid-nites these days. Unlike usual, where me and my friends would go out for some TST, lately I just sit tightly in front of my monitor reading pages of this so-called mangas I've managed to download :p

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Done My Part

. Friday, November 24

Sometimes, it feels suck to do everything that somebody want me to do, while I'm not putting my heart for it. It's not because I dislike the person or the task. But because of the reason that I just can't let him down. And the worse part of it, that he never realize that what he's asking for is just way too unprecise.

I never put my self in arguing position, which most people, I know, feel sorry for. Darn. Why is it keep on happening on me?

I have a list of projects that we would like to conduct. Some are software development, and the others are computer supplying. Based on my perception, doing software development is requireng less fund but indeed consume my self (as a potential resource) excessively. In the other hand, supplying computers requires a great amount of fund for a start. Of course, the revenue from supplying computers is far greater than doing some software development. But what can I say, here we are, stuck in this condition.

These days, no procurement can be processed without adequate fund. And that makes us totally immobilize. So, unless there's a computer supplier that would willingly accept an agreement of pay-later with us, there's not much we can do except waiting for a chance to shine on us.

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Getting used to it (again)

. Monday, October 16

Finally, I begin to start wandering the town during midnite hours (again) :p It ain't so hard since all the friends that were here all along, still standing still on the same spot as I left them for my so-called "runaway-trip".

We're having quite long trip, tonight. Picking up Kaboy at Iskandar Muda sure is worth doing-for, since we're having the chance to browse for some "midnight ladies" along the street. Well, it was just for fun, really .. I'm just an ordinary guy which enjoys such a group-thrill, especially when my friends are around. I found it as an effective stress-relief activity. Wanna try it? I'm not suggesting anyone, but I also cannot prohibit any of you to do so, since I found a benefit from it ;)

Enough with that, let's change the subject. The TST also great, especially when an instant noodle accompanied the drinks. Well, I have to admit that I miss that "Nasi Perang", but since there was no more ingredients available for the mentioned menu, I need to decide on a substitute. Otherwise my stomachace will getting worse (I haven't got any meal since lunch time). Tonight sponsor was IndoSinergy (LOL). Thanks to Kaboy. Glad to have someone to rely starting from now on.

Talking about "reliable person", I miss the days when I once used to be one :(
I think, that thought should motivated me back then. Don't know if I still can work the effort. Sometimes it sucks to be such a layback, but working my ass to the bone for some unclear purpose also ain't sattisfying me no good.

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Return to Home-base

. Thursday, October 12

Finally, after 40 days of mind-relaxing runaway-trip, I set my foot back in Medan. The trip was a pleasant one, so were the people I met along. Thanks for everything, guys : D

10 days in Jakarta, and 30 days in Batam was a great relieve for me. Even though that wisemen says that "running away from a problem doesn't solve it" doesn't mean that a temporary retrieve means a flaw. In my experience, stepping out from the conflict zone and make myself ready to break the iceburg, sure is working effectively. Hahaha.. Look at me right now, laughing out loud.

Err.. I want to apologize for not be able to see you (Lin), while I was in Jakarta. Seriously, I don't have the chance. I'll make it up with you next time ;)

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It hurts like ...

. Wednesday, August 16

Don't know how to describe my feelings right now.

Things got really mixed-up right now for me. Feelings' issue. My past relationship eventually become something that I must avoid. Every day I tried to make things got worse (I found it amusing, to turn something into it's uneasy state). Since I don't want things to got better (pretty simple reason, huh).

It sucks to know that bad things were actually happened, back then. Just when I was thinking that things were great!

That problem was the past, and since I always try to tell myself not to regret the past. I don't think that that line above is a good sentence to be written down. But since it's actually a delayed-confession, so it's actually a feeling I have in the present (which means, I am allowed to write it down .. LOL). Still, I feel like I'm the foolish one .. and I don't like being in that state because of one was doing it on purpose.

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I'm motivated

. Monday, June 19

Right now, I'm just about to laugh at myself.. How ironic, that I lost my determination back then. Not for something that can be considered as an obstacle, or any of that sort-of thing. But just because one hell of "coziness", shot, how can that thing happened.

Thanks that someone waken me up, just a few days ago. I was really brought back to my senses. I can't say that I was being scolded .. no-no-no, it was more like an echo of my own deep-down-heart's voice, being spoken out-and-loud (through a telephone line) :: LOL.

I can see clearly now, the rain has gone ;)

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Ayurvedic Diet

. Sunday, May 21

For those who put some concern in health, you might found that this ancient Hindu science of health and medicine quite interesting. I learnt about this issue couple of months ago, and few days earlier I had something rings-the-bell to explore more about it.

In Ayurveda, the five elements of space, air, earth, fire and water make up everything in the universe including the human body.
These elements come together to create three different constitutional types, or doshas, known as Vata (airy), Pitta (fiery), and Kapha (earthy). Knowing your type can help you understand what foods, exercises, and lifestyle elements can support and nurture your health and which ones can cause imbalance.

This ancient science sure got some positive points (which I found is relevant with my current situation), and also provide me with some guidance related to what-should-i-eat-more (or, what is my appropriate meal would be).

If you feel like you'd like to know what meal meets you the best, try this quiz.

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What a Life

. Friday, April 14

I've been living as an un-employeed person for quite sometimes right now. And it sucks.

No monthly income, no salary-slip. But then again, I guess that's the only disadvantages I have. The rest is quite giving me advantages instead. Name it independent busy-ness scheduling.

What I just realize is that I have one great time-management myself. Even thou that I lack in my previous habit, and that is to wake-up early in the morning ('coz I don't have much thing to do), I love it. That means I spend more time at home instead of sitting on the same chair 10 hrs a day doing s**t.

But that situation won't last long. Since I'm going to do some serious business soon. Yeah, this one hell of act is a giant step for me. Hey, remember what they said, a one-mile journey start with one step. So, I'll just let everything flow.

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My Last Days in CT

. Monday, February 27

Yap, today and tomorrow are my last days working for Citra Tubindo, Batam. Past those time-range, I'm officially a between-jobs employee Hee,hee I prefer that rather than an un-employeed ..

But, there's something bothering me. Since I haven't got my this-month-sallary paid, I'm unable to held a farewell party. It's really a pain in the a**. I'll feel uneasy if I left the company without any 'final respect', especially against my office mates I wish I can take them to Rezeki, that sea-side restaurant we usually visit. It won't be so bad if we can have that Kai Lan, Gong-Gong, Cay Cay, and that Crispy Fried Squid Ring

Well, what can I say ..

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Curio - Tokimeki

. Wednesday, February 8

I'm listening to one of my favourite song, at the moment. "Tokimeki" performed by Curio.

I'm not really good in understanding Japanese (Nihon go), but believe me; music speaks the universal language. It seems they managed to deliver their purpose through the rhytm, the beat, the intonation, the whole music play. I found myself excited and "throbbing".

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Now that I must catch-up with 'em

. Friday, February 3

There were times when I thought that working in a single place for a long period-of-time might cause some brain damage. But I never thought that I was currently on that path.

More of it, it's not only lack of motivation that got into me. Now I also realize how much I've been left out from my previous campus-mates' skill progress. So much for the motto ..

"IT, keep it up-to-date"

I'm really going to have lots-and-lots of study to do. New skills to learn. New knowledges to learn. And I know it won't be easy, but hey .. I will never know whether I can do it or not if I never give it a try, right?

So the plan is to leave this place and move on with life (and of course a short-period-of-time plan). Wish me luck here eh, mate ;-)

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It's been a while

. Thursday, February 2

Whoa, never thought that I'd be back to this blog :-p
Hmm .. I better start to write something.

This February is my last month to have myself employed in Batam. At least for this year. Yep, finally I stood up and spoke up. I will be leaving Batam on March, and heading back to Medan around the same time ;-)

Basically, I just don't agree with the idea of spending my youth in one place just doing one job. I want to go out and do new things. I still got so many things waiting to be done, instead of sitting here and work on my a**.

Sorry Boss, you're a kind person. But that's not helping me out. Instead, it actually giving me a hard time.

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