Still doing the thing.

. Friday, January 21

Yep, even thou today is a Holiday and tomorrow is weekend, we still
have to come to the office to do this AS/400.

Today isn't so difficult, but tomorrow probably would be an exhausting
day. I do presume that we even would have to stay in the office till
the next morning. Anyone for company?

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A night shift?

. Monday, January 17

Can't say what I'm having right now as a night shift. I'm not supposed to have any night shift in my job description.
One of our troubling server just got me stuck in here, from the start of this weekend. You should know that right now is Monday, early in the morning.

This is one point for being a single guy, living alone - just taking care of yourself - got easily managed my time for every favour anyone ask me. Tonight seems better than that New Years Eve, anyway. Got more things to do rather than staring at my monitor for hours right now.

So how life's been doing out there?

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I made it.

. Saturday, January 15


Not so hard if you try, yes I did fix the battery problem on my Laptop. Took some time to study some references and test the result. One thing for sure, there are things that are just worth to try.

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My ThinkPad is durable .. ?

. Tuesday, January 11

Yesterday, when one of the executive board ask my supervisor to lend him any IBM Laptop Adaptor, mine is the one that was 'honored' to be picked up. That's also the reason why yesterday I can't make my way to the internet, since I pushed the machine out of it's capacity - therefore the battery was out of power and the machine was killed - but the first 30 minutes was fine.

This morning, when I got my adaptor back, I was so happy so I set evertyhing quickly. When I pluged the adaptor input jack, I realize that the battery indicator was kept on blinking - uh, strange -
First I didn't give a ruckus about it, and since yesterday all that I had been doing is looking for some updates for my ThinkPad BIOS, I already get set to install it. I checked my BIOS just to found out that my systemboard has an error, which then took me almost half of the day just to realize that it was the battery that makes the error keep on coming out. Aack!

Now, do I have enough fund to replace the battery pack? Or will I be smart enough to do it during these last month? That battery must be already age for years now, because I found out that the original battery pack can keep the machine running for 3 hrs - while mine only last for 30 mnts +

A moron speaks on the net, saying "Just pull the battery pack out, and the error will be gone". Well, I ended up following his advice.

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. Monday, January 10

February is coming. Lot's of things that I have been waiting for is going to take place in February. I can't say if some of it are good things or bad things, they are all just events, well some is going to put some effect on my life path - while some just going to give me answers for some curiousities that have been urging from inside of me.

I don't see any of these as something big that I can say 'very special'. I don't know but I just see things are 'common' since I took evertyhing so lightly, not in the context of I underestimate anything. I just appreciate everything in the same way, I take them all!

You probably want to know what are those things that I have been waiting in February, well even if you don't want to know about it, I am going to write it down anyway.

First there is this Gaia Nakie day, I don't know if this is an official event that comes from Gaia Online staff or maybe this is just an event that some user try to propose to. I just feel corious about this, the date .. oh, I forgot the date but if I'm not wrong it's 12th or 14th.

Second thing is my Mom's birthday, is it? Oh, my Mom will be sad if know that her son can't remember her birthday. I doubt if I can make something special for her birthday, like the rest of my family member's. Actually, I never made anything special for anyone's birthday anyway. Maybe I'll sing that "Mother, how are you today?" song, that if none will silence me or if I can make it to come home.

Third, the end of February is the end of my first contract with the place where I'm currently working for. I hope they don't offer me another contract, or maybe they just take me as permanent employee instead? I don't know, I can't make up my wish. I made some thinking about this already. Either it is because of my performance or my behave, I just don't think that I don't fit in this place at this moment. Since I don't have much to do recently. Ugh, where are all the projects gone?

Fourth one is related to the third. If the end of February will be my last days in Batam, then it means that I'm going to head for Medan. Yes, I have decided that if I don't have any business left in Batam I will go straight to Medan. Got better things to do there than here. Beside, more people that I have been missing for is waiting for me there. My girl, my family, the friends, and the pets or my friends' pet. Even that I still don't know what I'm going to do for living in Medan, I still think that Medan will be the most appropriate place to go.

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Gaia Online, know what that is?

. Friday, January 7

Have you tried Gaia Online? I have the link just on the righ panel of this page.
It's a place for you (me) to do all the anime thing that you have watch for all this time. Yes, there you can have a role-play (my favorite), showing off your avatar's appearance (you get one for each account, yes Gaia place you as an user), hey you can even post your drawings and arts (if you do have one) for other to vote, and the great thing is it also has its own trading system that allows Gaian Gold to circulate (so, it's really simulate a real world economy).

I guess I already got addicted to Gaia Online. Everyday I spend my hours just to get as many gold as I can - which then I spent on things that *I think* I don't really need (outfit, accecories, items and so on). But it makes me feel great everytime I did it, and when rare events took place - the feeling is so exgragating - I always got excited.

If you think you're an anime freak, try to commune in here. You'll find out how anime the world is.

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It's New Year

. Monday, January 3

Probably this is too much, I mean there already too much topic about New Year that people put in their blog, well look at mine.

Probably most of you spend your New Year's Eve with some occasions that really pleased you. Well, I did mine in the office, doing some end-year data backup that held me in the office till 23.32. Then I drove Royn to his big sis's place which made me had the 'ultimate countdown' during my way back home. This isn't my first time to spend such an event alone in the street, last year I spent waiting the 00.00 on the street waiting for some taxi. Well at least this year's first morning didn't go with me staying in the bed sleeping.

I reached home around 12.20 or so, with some bags of Potato Chips and a bottle of mineral water. Then I took some bath to refreshen myself. Did receive some calls that time, one of it was my Mom's and I glad that I wasn't the only person that is alone during the New Year's Eve since my Mom was left behind in the house while she was sleeping while my siblings and Pa went for a gather in one of my uncle's place. Hah!

Okay, back to me. I realized that I missed the beer, since the shop where I bought the Potato Chips didn't sell any beer. So the Potato Chips and the mineral water accompanied me during the "Interview with a Vampire", I think that's a great movie to watch.
It didn't take long for the Potato Chip to last, so when the movie is finished I just wanted to lay my back on my "so-called-bed". Then the "short-message-service" came one after another, just in times where I almost lost in my dream. That made me woke up everytime the cell-phone signed for alert, since I love those people that still spare their time to send me greetings and message that probably was forwarded from some other people.
Well, those alerts finally stopped and I was able to went asleep. The time when I was woke up is around mid-day, 12.32 or sometime around that, means I skipped breakfast for the first day in this year, huh?!

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