What a Life

. Friday, April 14

I've been living as an un-employeed person for quite sometimes right now. And it sucks.

No monthly income, no salary-slip. But then again, I guess that's the only disadvantages I have. The rest is quite giving me advantages instead. Name it independent busy-ness scheduling.

What I just realize is that I have one great time-management myself. Even thou that I lack in my previous habit, and that is to wake-up early in the morning ('coz I don't have much thing to do), I love it. That means I spend more time at home instead of sitting on the same chair 10 hrs a day doing s**t.

But that situation won't last long. Since I'm going to do some serious business soon. Yeah, this one hell of act is a giant step for me. Hey, remember what they said, a one-mile journey start with one step. So, I'll just let everything flow.

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