Running My Own Restaurant

. Thursday, June 18

I've always dreaming about running my own restaurant. This is supposed to be carried out when I'm at my retirement-age. But what can I do, the time has come and now I am running my own restaurant.

You can always take a look, if you feel like curious.

That's my restaurant, in Facebook's Restaurant City game *LOL*
Hey, don't feel like I'm fooling around. I'm suggesting you to try it out instead. See how much addiction can knock you down.

I've been playing this game for few days already. And boredom is far from me, because I just love to see my level goes up and new things can be done to it.

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Free Domain Giveaway

. Monday, June 8

For you who have started to feel blogging in this subdomain-given place, and already considering to buy yourself a nice domain. Know this, NameCheap is holding another great Twitter Trivia Contest, this time it's called The NameCheap Travel Twitter Trivia Contest.

This time the theme for the contest is about places, travel sites, and some true/false trivia. And in correlation with the theme, this time grand prize is a vacation of their choice - sponsored by NameCheap, of course. And to make it even greater, three players will win Canon PowerShot D10s. Waterproof, freezeproof and shockproof, they are perfect for your next voyage.

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