My Last Days in CT

. Monday, February 27

Yap, today and tomorrow are my last days working for Citra Tubindo, Batam. Past those time-range, I'm officially a between-jobs employee Hee,hee I prefer that rather than an un-employeed ..

But, there's something bothering me. Since I haven't got my this-month-sallary paid, I'm unable to held a farewell party. It's really a pain in the a**. I'll feel uneasy if I left the company without any 'final respect', especially against my office mates I wish I can take them to Rezeki, that sea-side restaurant we usually visit. It won't be so bad if we can have that Kai Lan, Gong-Gong, Cay Cay, and that Crispy Fried Squid Ring

Well, what can I say ..

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Curio - Tokimeki

. Wednesday, February 8

I'm listening to one of my favourite song, at the moment. "Tokimeki" performed by Curio.

I'm not really good in understanding Japanese (Nihon go), but believe me; music speaks the universal language. It seems they managed to deliver their purpose through the rhytm, the beat, the intonation, the whole music play. I found myself excited and "throbbing".

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Now that I must catch-up with 'em

. Friday, February 3

There were times when I thought that working in a single place for a long period-of-time might cause some brain damage. But I never thought that I was currently on that path.

More of it, it's not only lack of motivation that got into me. Now I also realize how much I've been left out from my previous campus-mates' skill progress. So much for the motto ..

"IT, keep it up-to-date"

I'm really going to have lots-and-lots of study to do. New skills to learn. New knowledges to learn. And I know it won't be easy, but hey .. I will never know whether I can do it or not if I never give it a try, right?

So the plan is to leave this place and move on with life (and of course a short-period-of-time plan). Wish me luck here eh, mate ;-)

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It's been a while

. Thursday, February 2

Whoa, never thought that I'd be back to this blog :-p
Hmm .. I better start to write something.

This February is my last month to have myself employed in Batam. At least for this year. Yep, finally I stood up and spoke up. I will be leaving Batam on March, and heading back to Medan around the same time ;-)

Basically, I just don't agree with the idea of spending my youth in one place just doing one job. I want to go out and do new things. I still got so many things waiting to be done, instead of sitting here and work on my a**.

Sorry Boss, you're a kind person. But that's not helping me out. Instead, it actually giving me a hard time.

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