I miss school holidays

. Monday, June 27

The problem with being a working man is, no more school holidays for you. I have to admit, that there were times when I spent my time with Andrew during night hours that stuned me regarding how I almost fully-unrealized-dedicating my time for the company. Well, I get paid for sure and it's more that just a 'well' but time isn't something that I can rewind to repeat it again. No wonder there are so much family lost its' warmth just because of the parents' work schedule that is tighter than Angelina Jolie's bikini.

I realized also that, if I didn't get the chance to endure all this till now, I wouldn't be able to gain enough determination about developing a money-earning-enterpreneurship. I think being boss in my own company would be a great idea.

But for the time around, I'd like to have some more endurance drill for me.


Sherilla Lay said...

yessss, me too

while i was at school i was always in a hurry to grow up and start my own life

now i am dying for the summer seasons when my only task was to waste my time