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. Friday, June 3


I'm on the peak of my zeith. These weekdays seems like they're going so fast, that I can't even land my eyes on any of it without being carried away in it and then be bashed. It's been days since the last time I updated my blog, that's one fact how I start to loose my awareness because of those pile of tasks I'm encountering.

I feel so tired, doing some coding, managing a system database, analyze some system-enhancing project requirements this week. But the more bitter I have, the more I feel fit. It's been days for me to stay up late till early in the morning (3 a.m.) and I do admit that I feel so sleepy during noon but totally I feel my body so liven. Care for a swimming excercise?


Sherilla Lay said...

turn off the computer, get some sleep, go to swim or wahtever you can think of, just skip the coding and staq away from the computer. :) i think that is all we need.