I'm energized now

. Monday, June 13

Last week wasn't a nice week since I lost my chance to went to the swimming pool because of cough and flu I had. It was already hard for me to breathe normally. I realized that I couldn't practice myself in the swimming pool and endure more presure on my lungs in that condition. Well, at least I didn't let anybody down since this time all the kids that usually go to the swimming pool with me were on their school farewell party.

The only thing that excited me was my Sunday J-Dorama series, Waterboys, that was on their last two episodes. Their synchro-swim performance was so awesome that I barely hold myself from screaming and clapping my hands. It was so natural, no profesionals joined the team since every team member was selected from people that have no synchro-swim background. Well, the result couldn't be compared to Olympics standards for sure, but the story that came before and the tunes that was played are to show how they fond people that are precious to them. Some moves were similar with the one in the movie, so does the tunes, but that was what made me even crazier at howling and imitating their acts. But the greatest touch for me is when the Re-mixed version of Niji (Fukuyama Masaharu) took place and the boys were singing along.

Wish me a great week coming!